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Christian Fellowship


Training Days & Time:

Monday: 3.30 pm - 5.00 pm

Teacher i/c:

Mrs Rosalind Ho

Mrs Ho has been teaching in FMS(S) since 1996. She is a Senior Teacher, teaching lower secondary and N(T) Science.

She received Christ in 1978 during the Billy Graham crusade and has been a member of Church of the Good Shepherd (Anglican) since then. Currently, Mrs Ho is a member of the English Congregation Council and is actively involved in the prayer ministry as well as being part of the team planning the ALPHA programme.

Christian Ministry Staff:

Ms Charlene Koh

Ms Charlene Koh has been working in Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) as a Christian Ministry Staff since 2018. She is currently pursuing the Licentiate in Christian Ministry under Trinity Theological College.

She worships and serves in Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church.

Ms Esther Lim Si Xiu

Ms Esther Lim Si Xiu was a Fairsian and grew up in FMSP and FMSS. As a student in Fairfield Secondary back in 2000 to 2003, she had the opportunity of being a Student Councillor and that was indeed a growth journey and an enriching experience to her. Her teachers at Fairfield also imparted to me this passion to journey alongside teenagers and encourage them to persevere on in the challenges that they may face. That was why she chose teaching as my first career and she was a Secondary School teacher for 10 years.


Who we are ….

It is challenging for youths today to find their identity, especially for children who openly express to be Christians. The influence of social media is not only a distraction but a real challenge to the healthy development of our young people in Singapore. 

The rich tradition of the Methodist Mission Schools already encourages all students to learn from the wisdom the Bible has to offer.  Just as the school is open to students regardless of their religious beliefs, the Fairfield Christian Fellowship also welcomes everyone to join us in our meetings, either as committed members or as visitors. We are most willing to share the teachings of the bible with anyone who wishes to find out more about the Christian faith.

The Fairfield Christian Fellowship aims to deepen the understanding of scripture, our faith and the importance for Christians to form a community of faith where the values of Christian discipleship can be learned and practised. For those who are seeking, we share gospel messages on the teachings and life of Christ and what He said about the way to salvation. It is our hope that this sharing will dispel whatever misconceptions or erroneous ideas about the Christian faith.

Students can choose to join us as a first or second CCA (if it does not clash with the other). There will be opportunity for you to serve as leaders and attain the highest level possible in the LEAPS 2.0 system. 

Our Activities

We meet once a week for a time of worship followed by an exhortation from the Bible before we break out into groups for prayer and fellowship. There will be sessions where we learn the basic foundations of scripture as well as discussion topics that are current and relevant to our youths today. Besides the weekly meetings, we hope to bless others by engaging in Community Involvement Projects and supporting school initiatives such as Fairfield Make Someone Smile (F.M.S.S.) Day. Members of CF will have ample opportunity to discover their talent and use it to serve others. 

Our Vision:

We aspire to form a community of believers who seek to follow Jesus Christ and to apply Kingdom values in our daily lives. 

Our Mission:

To be a community with a passion for all people. 

Our Values:

  • To develop a balanced understanding of Scripture
  • Love for all people
  • Discipline
  • Commitment
  • Service

Our Motto

Colossians 3:16 
‘Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly 
as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, 
hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.’

Our Pledge

As members of Fairfield Christian Fellowship,
We will revere God and show love to all our fellow men.
We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, it is the truth without any error.
We will respect authority and obey school rules.
We seek to serve God, the school community and beyond.


A typical schedule for our weekly meetings is as follows: 

3 30 – 3 45 pm
Fellowship time
3 45 – 4 00 pm
Student worship leader
4 00 – 4 05 pm
Devotion message for the week
Committee member
4 05 – 4 30 pm
Bible study and group discussions
Christian Ministry staff or invited speakers
4 30 – 4 45 pm
Praying for one another
In groups of 4 students to one teacher or CMS
4 45 – 5 00 pm
Announcements and packing up

Through informal chit chat sessions during our weekly meetings, the Christian Ministry Staff, teacher in-charge and volunteer helpers seek to minister to students by getting to know each one better as well as to find out how they are coping in school or at home. Some students have benefitted from the sharing by the teacher helpers and are continually encouraged by their prayer support. Members who are Christians also get the chance to pray aloud together for one another. Christian Fellowship is also a safe place for students to share social issues that they are facing in the world today. Teenagers are living in a rapidly changing world of digital communication where bullying, self-esteem, addiction to gaming, sexual activities and depression confront them. As we discuss these issues, students learn biblical principles in coping with these challenges.

Besides our weekly meetings, the committee meets with the teacher and Christian Ministry Staff to discuss outings for the mid-year and end-of-year term breaks. In the past, CF has been to the Singapore Science Centre and The Jewel at Changi Airport. These outings provide precious opportunity for everyone to get to know one another better as we interact and share a meal together. For 2020, we plan to visit the National Museum but this was kept on hold due to circuit breaker measures put in place to keep the COVID-19 pandemic from spreading.

One of the goals of CF is to bless the community. We have selected The Lion Befrienders’ (LB) at Ghim Moh estate to be the community where we conduct our values-in-action activities. Members of CF aims to visit the seniors at LB to play with them their favourite Bingo game as well as to get to know them. This is a great platform that promotes understanding between the seniors and the young people as they interact with one another.