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Red Cross Youth

First of all, we would like to welcome the new recruits who have joined our unit this year.

Our Red Cross Unit specialises in first aid and evacuation knowledge. Besides learning first aid, foot drill, evacuation, and the history of red cross, we also equip ourselves with outdoor survival skills in cooking. campcraft, etc. We also extend our service to the public through events like the Project Red Cross Love and home visits to the homes of the elderly. With a dynamic and strong commitee working hand in hand with disciplined, team-spirited, caring and competent cadets and our respected Youth Officers, we are the Fairfield Red Cross Youth!

  Last but not least, we will adhere to our motto: To serve one another.

  Fairfield Red Cross Youth, together we fall, UNITED WE SOAR!

Singapore Red Cross President's Youth Award

Singapore Red Cross President's Youth Award is awarded to the most understanding cadets in recognition of their exemplary contributions and achievements. The individual would demonstrate leadership qualities, possess good academic scores, and be knowledgeable about the global perspective and current affairs of the Red Cross. 


Winner in 2013- Ms Ezra Cheyne Sereneo Sec 5A