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Squash (Boys)

With 8 years of history, squash is an ambitious CCA made up of 24 active boys. Squash team members dedicated to the game and also the teachers and coach.
The Squash team takes part in a number of competitions every year. We participated in the Inter-School Squash Nationals, held in Term 2. We took part in various open tournaments such as the R-League, SAFRA Open, Marigold Junior Squash Invitational and ACSI Age Group Championships in Term 3 to raise our standards. We also played friendly matches with other schools (e.g. Anglo-Chinese School Independent, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, St. Joseph’s Institute and Singapore Polytechnic) which allowed us to gain more experience through the exposure and improve our playing ability. There were also overseas competitions which exposed us to players from all over the world, such as the Selangor Interteam and the Milo All Star Competition which took place during the June and December holidays respectively. 
Our training which takes place at every Monday, Thursday and Friday, has been increased from twice to thrice a week from this year onwards. Besides training weekly, we also have a session of physical training to increase our fitness. Team lunches are organized twice a year to build stronger bonds between team members, the coach and our teachers.
Lastly we are very thankful and grateful for our coach who has spent so much time coaching us and our teachers who have supported us through thick and thin. In the years to come we will continue to strive to achieve greater heights.

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