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Basketball (Boys)

About Us
FMS(S) Basketball Team has in recent years, been doing well in sustaining a title in
Zonals and recently in Nationals. This year, our B Division boys managed clinched
a 2 nd placing in the B Division South Zone Interschool Competition this year and
secured a hard fought 4 th placing in the National Interschool Competition. 

We aim not only to develop strong bodies and minds but also teamwork, leadership and
sportsmanship. The teachers together with the Coach believe in instilling pure grit
and hustle in the boys, both in and out of court.

We believe in playing a clean and fair game; and have been awarded with The Fair
Play Award in the 2018 National Interschool Competition for our respect towards our
opponents and for creating as few number of fouls as we can.
Our Programs
Other than our usual trainings, we also take part in the Tnet Cup, Milo Cup and other
friendly matches. The boys are also exposed to overseas training trips and training