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Ministry of Education - Finance Assistance Scheme (MOE-FAS)

Application Procedure

·         Application is open throughout the year. Siblings in the same school can submit all their applications using one form. Forms are only available at the general office.

·         Parents should approach the school directly to apply for MOE’s FAS and submit the application form to the general office.

Supporting Documents

Please submit the following documents together with the application form.

  • Household members who are employed are required to submit their latest payslip or a letter from their employer certifying their income.
    • Household members who are self-employed are required to attach their latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment. If the member is not required to pay tax or the tax assessment does not reflect his/her current income status, he is to complete the declaration form attached with the application form.
    • Household members who are unemployed and below age 62 are required to complete a declaration if they are not undertaking full-time studies or are in full-time National Service.

If the Gross Household Income exceeds $2,500 and there are 5 or more members in the same household (including grandparents), please provide the following additional documents:

  • Copies of NRIC of household members, other than parents and unmarried siblings.  If there are other dependent children with no NRIC, please submit copies of legal documents to show that they are staying in the same household.

Please email your application forms to fmss@moe.edu.sg during the COVID-19 period.