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History of the Alumni Association

The Fairfield Methodist Schools Alumni Association was formed in 1951. The association was formed so that old girls who have left the school can interact with their teachers and friends through activities organised by the association. The founding members included Mrs Lim Bock Kee, several teachers and alumni. 

The early years saw the association: 
  • Organising Christmas gatherings/dinners, which later evolved to the Founders Day Dinner in 1972 
  • Organising visits to retired teachers, which later became the teacher-alumni lunch in the 1980s 
  • Taking part in the Games Days – which later evolved to the Past vs Present games and Fairfield Homecoming 
  • Taking part or supporting the school fundraising carnivals 

Throughout the years, the association organised many fundraising events such as putting up plays in the 1960s, organising walkathon in 1984 and a charity golf event in 2004. The association used the funds raised to provide bursary awards to students and donations to the canteen stallholders. 

In 2000, it revamped the Constitution to reflect the school’s change of name, its co-educational enrolment, and expansion into 2 separate schools. The year also saw the Association’s newsletter officially named “In Tandem“, a name chosen to underline the dynamics of the Association‘s role alongside the 2 schools. 

Today the association has over 1,700 members and continues to organise events for alumni, to support the school and to promote the networking of alumni with teachers and other stakeholders.

2022/2023 Executive Committee Members

Designation Name  Class
Executive Committee President Kelvin Ong 
 Class of 1989
1st Vice President Cho Pei Lin  Class of 1994
2nd Vice President Eunice Yao  Class of 1999
Honorary Secretary Gracie Eng  Class of 1999
Assistant Honorary Secretary Stephanie Ang  Class of 1999
Honorary Treasurer Lo Wei Pin  Class of 1980
Assistant Honorary Treasurer Sharon Liat  Class of 1977
FMS(P) representative Chua Wei Wei  Class of 1990
FMS(S) Representative Guo Enliang Joseph   Class of 1997
Committee Member Hannah Tan  Class of 2002
Committee Member Zhan Yanxin  Class of 1997
Committee Member Joel Tan  Class of 2005
Committee Member Dr Low Guat Tin  Class of 1962
Committee Member Felicia Foo  Class of 1976
 Committee MemberMervyn Quek  Class of 1992
 Committee MemberTeng Wei Jien  Class of 2013