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Mission, Vision  & School Ethos

School Vision

A Vibrant Community of Active Lifelong Learners and Influential Leaders

School Mission

To provide a holistic education in a Christian environment to nurture leaders of good character who are equipped to serve God, nation, community and school.

School Ethos

The School Ethos describes the intangible common philosophy, beliefs and experiences that characterise the school. The School Ethos describes the overall environment and culture of the school.

Based on Christian Values. We share the Methodist philosophy that education prepares the pupils for life's challenges by developing their character. Academic excellence is one important component of character building and all Methodist schools strive towards that end. Like all Methodist schools, we also believe strongly in nurturing the mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual potential in each person.
 Pursuing Excellence. We believe in helping every staff member and pupil to develop their potential to the fullest. This is achieved through hard work, resilience and a passion for quality.
 Building Quality  Relationships. Fairfield is based on the love of God and we want our staff and pupils to experience the love of God through the culture of care and empathy in our school. We place a strong emphasis on building quality relationships including peer relationships and teacher-student relationships.
 Fairfield Family  Experience. Those who have been a part of Fairfield would understand what we mean when we say we are one big Family. Some pupils can trace their roots in Fairfield back to several generations - mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers have studied in Fairfield! Because of their love for the school, many Fairsians return as teachers in the school. This is something we take great pride in.