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Health Charter

It is our conviction at Fairfield that the emotional, mental & physical health and well-being of all is the key to creating a school:

“Where all the world is bright 
Where love is in the sunshine 
And our hearts are gay and light”.
(The School Song)

We, the staff of FMS(S), pledge to act on this conviction by seeking to work jointly towards:

Leading our students to adopt a balanced and healthy lifestyle
Implementing school policies and practices that promote the total well-being of all staff and students
Providing a safe and healthy school environment for all staff and students 
Enacting a holistic and integrated curriculum that seeks to enhance the total well-being and development of all staff and students
Involving the school and its stakeholders in community health and well-being projects

In this way, we join schools around the world that are encouraged by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Global School Health Initiative, and especially with other schools in Singapore to become Health-Promoting Schools.  

This is also in line with our Methodist belief that our ‘body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, whom [we] have received from God’ (1 Corinthians 6:19) therefore the holistic well-being of all staff and students in the Fairfield family is premised on this belief.

Fairsian Health Slogan:

Pure and Honest in our thoughts, words and deeds (School Creed),
Strong and Healthy in our body, mind and spirit