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2022 DSA ─ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How do I know if my child is eligible for the DSA?

All Primary 6 students in Singapore may apply for the DSA to the school of their choice, based on the school’s criteria to select non-academic talents for a more flexible and broad-based education system.

2) Can my child apply for the DSA to your school based on academic results alone, or based on another CCA not on your list?

For our DSA exercise, we would only accept applicants based on the 4 Sports, 5 Performing Arts CCAs and Leadership requirements stated on our DSA page.

3) What are the expectations of a successful DSA candidate?

  • Attend all training sessions and competitions/concerts/performances unless excused by the Teacher-in-charge. He/she should not use personal commitments like tuition and upcoming tests as reasons to be excused from CCA.
  • Be exemplary in conduct and speech in class and during CCA.
  • Be a role model to his/her peers and juniors in the CCA and be prepared to take up a leadership role if nominated by teachers-in-charge.
  • Be an active contributor to his/her CCA throughout the 4/5 years in the school.
  • Remain in his/her CCA unless an injury is sustained where there is no foreseeable recovery, and which prevents him/her from participating in training and future competitions.
  • If he/she commits any major offence, he/she will be duly punished and may be barred from representing the school for a season.

4) Does Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) consider students of various streams?

Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) is able to consider students of various streams and has been accepting DSA students from the Normal (Technical), Normal (Academic) and Express streams since the inception of DSA.

5) My child is successful in the Direct School Admission - Secondary (DSA-Sec) and eligible for more than one course [i.e. Express/Normal (Academic) or Normal (Academic)/Normal (Technical)], can I select the preferred course?

You are allowed to indicate the preferred course of study.

6) What should I do if my child is unsuccessful in the Direct School Admission - Secondary (DSA-Sec)? Can I still select your school again during the centralised Secondary 1 Posting?

If your child who is currently studying in a MOE school and unsuccessful in the DSA-Sec, he/she can still opt for our school during the centralised Secondary 1 posting.