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Non-Financial Information


Name of Organisation:

Address: 102 Dover Road
Singapore 139649
Contact Information

Name of Contact Person:
Mdm Veronica Chua
Telephone No: 67788702
Fax No: 67797482
Email Address: chua_jiayin@schools.gov.sg
Web-site Address: www.fairfieldsec.org

Charity Status

IPC Status

A Member of Education Central Fund


The mission of the Education Service is to mould the future of the nation, by moulding the people who will determine the future of the nation. The service will provide our children with a balanced and well-rounded education, develop them to their full potential, and nurture them into good citizens, conscious of their responsibilities to family, society and country.
Key Employees:

Name of Principal:
Ms Chen Li Ying Audrey

Name of Auditor:
K K Tham & Associates 

Fairfield Methodist School Board of Management