Compatible iPad list

The school strongly recommends that the iPad is purchased through the school to benefit from the 3-year warranty, 3-year insurance, as well as fortnightly courier service for damaged devices. 

Parents who opt not to purchase must ensure that their existing iPads meet the following conditions: 

Compatible with Device Management Application (DMA) software 

    Processor: A10 Fusion or better 

    Capacity: 32GB or Higher

    OS version: iPadOS 15 or higher

 Must have a compatible with stylus and keyboard cover (e.g Apple Pencil, Logitech Ruggedized 

    Combo 3)

• DMA must be installed on the iPad

  • Factory reset will be required (Existing data in the device will be wiped; all personal data must be backed-up)

The table below shows the iPad models that are compatible with DMA software.

compatible 2023.JPG

How to find the model number of your iPad:

Method 1:

Open the Settings app and tap on General > About

Look for the Model entry on this page. You should see a model number beginning with an ‘M’.  Tap on the Model entry and it will show a model number beginning with a letter ‘A’.

The image below shows the iPad model is ‘A….’.

pic 2.jpg


Method 2:

The model number is imprinted on the back of your iPad.

Flip your iPad over and read the small text printed under the word ‘iPad’. You should see the model number near the iPad serial number.

The image below shows the iPad model: ‘A1566’.

pic 3.jpg