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Partners in Education (PiE)

Welcome! Partners-in-Education – PiE​ in endearing term – was established in 2003. From just a handful of enthusiastic parents, PiE has grown to the sheer size it is today. Our vibrant community of FMS​(​S​)​ stakeholders come from diverse backgrounds, bringing together varied experiences and skills, to support the school in realising its vision. 

We befriend and engage students at Tzone, a students’ hub run by dedicated parents. We collaborate with ​school leaders and staff to make ​​various school activities and events a success, which benefit the students. 

To encourage students to persevere and work towards their potential, we fund many awards for students. In this aspect, our Tzone also serves as a study cafe​ ​ (near exam period​s​) . Here students have a safe and conducive space to ​prepare for their O- and N-levels exams.
There are numerous and varied opportunities for you to be involved, depending on your availability, personal talents and preferences. We look forward to you joining us to be an active part​ner​ of the Fairfield family! Sign up as a ​PiE Parent  HERE. You can also email us at fmss.pie@gmail.com, if you have any feedback or enquiries.