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Term 4 2019

Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary)


Clubs & Societies

In Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary), there are five clubs and societies – Christian Fellowship, Media@Fairfield, Robotics Club, Library and Journalism. Students in these Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) meet once a week and engage themselves in exciting and meaningful activities. Besides this, they contribute back to the school through their little acts of service and kindness.



The annual Fairfield Make Someone Smile (FMSS) day was held on 21 October this year. As per tradition, Fairsians did not report to school but were instead tasked to do something that would bring cheer to the people around them. 

Individuals could choose to do something kind for their family members and friends, or choose to come together with friends to  bring cheer to the community at large. 

Check out our instagram feed   which has archived photos of various groups in action!

Click here for some of the FMSS Day photos ...

   FMSS Day 2019.JPG


Cyberwellness Message For Parents: Helping your children protect their personal data online

With the internet being such a pivotal part of our teenager’s lives, they may think that it is safe to share their own personal data online. Our teenagers need to be constantly  reminded about the kinds of threats that exist online when they share or post any data related to their name, phone number or address without first consulting their parents. 

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