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Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary)

Bring Up the Next Generation of Leaders

This year’s Blackmore Leadership Training Camp focused on building relationships amongst the new student leaders and equipping them with the 5 Practices of Leadership. Many bonds were forged, and as part of an initiation ceremony at the end of the camp, students washed one another’s feet to remind themselves of the essence of servant leadership as they serve others in their appointments.

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Celebrating a new batch of leaders

As the new batch of student leaders was officially installed, Ms Chen challenged them to consider the kind of leaders they admired and aspired to be. Fairfield has produced many generations of influential leaders, and we look forward to seeing how this new generation of leaders grows in the coming year.

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Where Grit and Teamwork Meet

Our NCC (Sea) unit emerged  victors for the second year running when they brought home the prestigious Challenge Shield. The cadets had put in innumerable hours of training and hard work. They developed grit as they persevered through gruelling training sessions and  learned that their team is only as strong as its weakest member. The cadets also learned to encourage and cheer one another on as they prepared for the competitions.



Commemorating the Nation’s 54th Birthday

This year’s National Day Celebrations started with a parade by our five Uniformed Groups (UGs).  It was a time to showcase the UGs in FMS(S), and to recognise their achievements in the past year. Students were treated to performances by NCC (Land) and Dance, and they sang the national day songs loudly and proudly as the Symphonic Band provided the accompaniment. In celebration of the Singapore Bicentennial, a games segment was held after the parade. Students played games and were engaged in activities of a bygone era. 

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