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Application for 2021-2022 O-Level Music course

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The O level Music Course (2021 - 2022) is now open for registration for all current Sec 2 Exp and N(A) students, as long as they are promoted to Sec 3 Exp/NA in 2020. It is also available to the current Sec 3 N(A) students if they intend to pursue their O levels after completing their N levels.

You can find the relevant information in the attached documents. Do take note of the following key points about the application:

  • It is advisable for your child to have a few years (3 or more) of experience playing musical instruments at a level beyond the foundations of the music lessons in school.
  • In line with the revised O-Level Music syllabus, all applicants are required to complete all components of the selection exercise, regardless of their attainment of certifications by external examination boards. This is because the GCE O-Level Music syllabus and the syllabuses of the external examination boards are different.
  • The components to the selection exercise are as follows:
    • Component 1: Recorded Performance
    • Component 2: Video response to aural imitation & creating tasks

You will need to complete the registration online by 3rd August 2020.

Your child will need to pass the selection test administered by MOE in order to take the O level Music as a subject in Sec 3. Please note that O level music will be an additional subject that your child will have to take in Sec 3. However, as it is considered a coursework subject, your child will not be eligible to opt for Design Technology, Food and Nutrition or Art as an O level subject if he/she is enrolled as an O level Music student.

In addition, your child will be required to attend afternoon lessons in another school that serves as a Music center. This will require additional time and commitment from your child. There will also be additional homework and projects that your child will need to undertake as part of the O level Music coursework. Thus it is important you discuss with your child to ensure that he/ she is able to cope with all the subjects and is able to commit the time and energy before enrolling him/ her for O level Music.

If your child is able to commit the time and effort and is interested in the subject, please complete the application online following the steps below:

Go to the website https://go.gov.sg/2021olevelmusiccourse and submit your application by 3rd August 2020