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Principal's Message - 1st item under About Us

FMSS-Principal.jpgWelcome to Fairfield!
It gives me great joy to share more about our school with you.
Fairfield is a Methodist school that is built on the foundation of God's love. It was founded in 1888 by a missionary Miss Sophia Blackmore and has always provided holistic education based on Christian values. There is a strong culture of care that permeates all that we do in Fairfield.
Oh! It's Fairfield, at Fairfield
Where all our hearts are light
Where love is in the sunshine
And all the world is bright.
(School Song)
When you join Fairfield, you will experience the warmth of the Fairfield family that includes Fairfield Methodist School (Primary), the Board of Management, the Alumni, the Methodist Church, the parents, teachers and students. Among the many blessings that our students enjoy from the Fairfield family is the T-Zone, a non-profit café run by our volunteer Parent Support Group, who are our Partners-in-Education (PIE).
Fairfield's vision is to develop our students to become active, lifelong learners and influential leaders. We believe that God places the students in our school for a purpose; hence, we are passionate about developing their God-given talents through an excellent holistic education. We aim to develop the four Fairsian outcomes of Personhood, Commitment to Community, Heart of Service, and Wisdom in all our students.
May the leaders of the future
Be found within thy walls
(School Song)
We subscribe to the philosophy that "Leadership is Influence" (John C. Maxwell). A person who demonstrates commitment to his team, serves others and attracts others to follow him by virtue of his character and personal qualities is a leader regardless of whether he carries any title. All our students are enriched through programmes during the Week of Holistic, Enriched and Experiential Learning (WHEEL), which is an important Fairfield tradition that reflects our philosophy of education.
Fairfield students pursue excellence by seeking to do their best in all that they do. We give thanks for their achievements and celebrate their varied successes with them. We invite you to read about our graduates like Mr Joshua Jesudason who not only exemplifies the four Fairsian Outcomes, but was also awarded the President’s Scholarship in 2013. 
A world that’s full of interest
Since to School we found our way
(School Song)
Our academic and enrichment programmes are differentiated where appropriate, to stretch and nurture the abilities of different groups of students. These programmes range from participation in the Mathematics Olympiad to opportunities to learn culinary skills from a chef. To develop our students to be lifelong learners, we focus on nurturing ‘Learning Dispositions’ such as being curious, enjoying learning new things and asking questions to gain deeper understanding of concepts.
In addition, we are passionate about helping each student develop his/her potential. The Olson Talent Development Programme (OTDP) is conducted with the aim of allowing our students to pursue their strengths and passion in specific subjects beyond the boundaries of the curriculum. Through the enriching, holistic and learner-centred activities, we seek to create a vibrant learning community where the students’ abilities, needs and interests are catered to, where they will develop their 21st Century Competencies and broaden their horizons.
The achievements of our students would not be possible without the hard work, love and sacrifices of our dedicated, passionate team of professional teachers. Fairfield places great emphasis on the professional development of our teachers and on the importance of pastoral care provided by our teachers.
Thank you for visiting our website and for taking the time to learn more about our school. We celebrated many important milestones in 2013, for example, our 125th Founder's Day and had the joy of visiting the old Neil Road campus that was built in 1812. This old campus was recently reopened after the Singapore Police Force restored it and converted it into their office building.  As we build on the achievements and traditions of our past, we look ahead to the future and continue to depend on God for his blessings on Fairfield.
To God be the Glory!

Victor Owyong