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Start of School 2022 - Important Information for Students and Parents/Guardians

To ensure that Secondary 1 students are well prepared for the start of their secondary school journey with us, please note the following information.

(A) Reporting & Dismissal Time and Venue

Daily reporting time:  Students should be at the school’s assembly venue by 7:35 am every day.

Reporting venue: Classrooms (COVID-19 arrangement)

*Note that classrooms for Secondary 1 are on Level 4 of the school’s academic block.

*The Student Leaders of the Secondary 1 Orientation Programme will guide them to their respective classrooms on the first day of school.

(B) School Attire and Appearance

Students are required to adhere to the following attire expectations:

School Uniform.jpg

On days when students have PE lessons, students can be in half-uniform, i.e. school PE t-shirt, school uniform bottoms (school shorts or skirt). PE T-shirts must be tucked in.

On Tuesdays, when students attend Chapel, they are to be in full school uniform with their school ties on (both boys and girls). If students have PE on Tuesdays, they can be in half-uniform after their PE lessons.

On Fridays, which are Dress Down Days, students can choose to wear the school polo t-shirt, PE t-shirt or an official CCA t-shirt with their school uniform bottoms. All tops (except the school polo t-shirt) must be tucked in.

*Note that the school badge will be presented to students during the Installation Ceremony on 6 January, and students will receive their name tags by the middle of Term 1.

*Students are encouraged to bring a spare mask in case it is needed, otherwise he/she would need to purchase one directly from the bookshop.

(C) Locker Arrangement

All students are issued a locker and students are required to use their own locks to secure the locker. Students should bring along a lock on the first day of school so that they can secure their belongings.

(D) Student SEN Form

On the first day of school, Secondary 1 students will be receiving the Student Special Educational Needs (SEN) Form. Parents are kindly requested to complete the form and return the form to their child’s / ward’s Form Teacher by 7 January 2022. The information gathered from this form will help the school in planning for the necessary support structures for the students if necessary. A NIL reply is required.

(E) Secondary 1 3-Day Non Residential Camp (8 - 10 March 2022)

The school will be organising a camp for Secondary 1 students as part of the school’s FLEX programme. It will be held in school and the students will be travelling to different venues for activities.

Parents / Guardians will also be receiving a form via Parents Gateway (PG) that requires acknowledgement of consent. One parent / guardian is kindly requested to complete the form and return the form to the child’s Form Teacher by 14 January 2022. Please note that students will not be able to attend the camp if consent from their parent / guardian is not received.