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Celebrating Our Singaporean Identity

Students came in the morning dressed in shades of red and white to commemorate the nation’s birthday. Each colour is symbolic in meaning; red stands for universal brotherhood and equality of men while white is a sign of pervading and everlasting purity and virtue.


Every year, Fairfield’s National Day Parade is a platform to showcase the Uniformed Groups (UGs) in our school as well as to recognise their efforts and achievements made in the past year.



This annual event also provides an opportunity for Fairsians to celebrate Singapore’s  independence and cultivate a sense of national identity by reflecting on the national day message and singing of the National Day songs. 


In celebration of the Singapore Bicentennial, a games segment was also held after the main parade. Fairsians were engaged in activities that focused on a feature of Singapore’s culture or history. All the classes also competed to see which of them could best complete the Great Singapore Workout.