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Welcome to the Fairfield Art Gallery: Appreciating Our Young Artists

by Kayla Ng (Sec 2D), Kylee Tan (Sec 3E) and Ang Jan Tsi (Sec 3F)

A multitude of unique artwork, from acrylic paintings to realistic colour pencil drawings, can be seen displayed on the wall. Everyone who walks past this unique location of Fairfield Secondary finds themselves captivated by the beautiful artwork. All these were created by our very own Fairsians, whose hours of hard work were exemplified in each stroke of the brush.

This is the Fairfield Art Gallery. Established in 2021 to showcase the artistic skills of our students, the gallery is located along a corridor on Level 3. 

A student artist and journalist Kayla Ng from Secondary 2D remarked, “I was actually pleasantly surprised when I first saw my artwork at the Fairfield Art Gallery. I am also proud and happy that my artwork is recognised and appreciated.” 

Another featured student artist, Naomi Lim from Secondary 3F chirped, “I feel very honoured because I never expected myself to create an entire artwork, let alone one that is good enough to be put up for display for all to admire. I’m also really grateful for this opportunity! I hope that more students can enjoy expressing themselves through art.”

The Fairfield Art Gallery has a large, three-dimensional logo situated at the top of the wall. This logo comprises a yellow circle with a dark blue wand that creates ripples on the circle’s surface. It sits beside a string of large, cursive words that spell out ‘Fairfield Art Gallery’. This logo was designed by Reid Matthew from Secondary 1D, who was inspired by the ripples created by a drop of water in a pool of oil. Oil and water are two different elements which juxtapose each other, similar to how the Fairfield-themed blue and yellow in the logo juxtapose and complement each other. Reid wanted his design to express the uniqueness of every creative Fairsian, which is portrayed by the ripple effect that a droplet of water creates on a pool of oil. This also captures the essence of the influence that art has on people. 

Ms Desiree Tham, an art teacher in Fairfield, explained, “The Fairfield Art Gallery inspires Fairsians to express their personal voice on contemporary issues that we face in our daily lives as we view the exhibits. As art reflects our society, it is imperative that students are able to make connections between these art pieces and real world issues. Through the students' artwork, we hope to advocate deeper questioning of present-day issues.” 

As Vincent Van Gogh once said, “If you hear a voice within you saying you cannot paint, then by all means, paint, and that voice will be silenced.” We should always pursue our passion and interests, even if it means going against the more profitable and pragmatic trends of modern society. The Fairfield Art Gallery thus serves to motivate Fairsians to nurture their artistic skills, passion and creativity, so that we can view the world from an artistic perspective.