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Towards A Ten-Year Fairfield Education

by Wynstelle Olga (Secondary 1E) and Kylee Tan (Secondary 3E) 

Sitting with a straight posture, Noah’s arm eagerly extended in the air, as he waved in an attempt to catch the teacher’s attention to answer her questions. His other arm was drifting across the textbook, fastidiously taking down the important points. In Fairfield Secondary, we have students from different backgrounds who strive to step out of their comfort zones to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. One of them is Noah Mai from Secondary 1C 2021, who was from Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) (FMS(P)). 

During the Founder’s Day Thanksgiving Service in 2021, Noah received the PSLE Merit Prize, which is awarded to the top FMS(P) students who opt to continue their education in FMS(S). Though he has been in Fairfield Secondary for about a year, he has already made many wonderful memories.

In fact, one of the programmes the students enjoy is the Secondary One Fairfield Learning EXperience Week, where they get to engage in experiential and enriching activities. 

Noah shared, “During the Secondary 1 Fairfield Learning EXperience Week, we participated in many wonderful activities, such as longkang fishing at MOE Dairy Farm Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre. We also engaged in outdoor cooking, hiking and building of tents. I bonded well with my class during those three days of fun!”

With the release of the PSLE results, all Primary 6 students will undergo this same rite of passage — picking a secondary school. It is a daunting task for many, especially when it comes to adapting to an entirely new school environment. Many students in FMS(S), including Noah Mai, come from FMS(P), and get to spend 10 years together as part of a holistic Fairfield education with their friends. In FMS(S), they get to forge many exciting experiences and overcome challenges together. 
Noah explained, “The transition from primary to secondary school is usually quite tough! I remember being lost and unfamiliar with the new environment and culture. However, the Secondary 1 Orientation Programme really helped me a lot, as the student leaders and teachers organised many engaging and meaningful activities to help me and my Secondary One cohort to get used to the new school environment and culture. They also gave us useful tips to manage our increased workload and ensure our mental wellness. I am really glad I chose to come to Fairfield Secondary!”  

Noah is also an active and passionate member of Fairfield English Drama Co-Curricular Activity. He enjoys being in Fairfield English Drama, where he gets to exercise his creativity to produce interesting props in preparation for various performances and competitions, such as the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation this year and more recently, the James and the Giant Peach production! Based on Noah’s experience, it is indeed important for all Secondary One students to choose a Co-Curricular Activity that one is really passionate in.

As Kakuzo Okakura once said, “The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings.” Moving from primary to secondary school is a huge milestone in many students’ and parents’ lives. In FMS(S), we provide numerous opportunities for students, so that they can learn more about themselves as well as new skills each day. We also pay particular attention to our students’ mental wellness, promote a culture where ‘love is in the sunshine’, and make FMS(S) a very inclusive community. 

So, why not join Fairfield Secondary? We are sure that Noah, just like many other students and staff, will be more than willing to support you in this amazing school!