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Lauren Soh Clinches Silver Award of Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition

Every year, Fairfield’s student journalists take part in The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition (QCEC). It provides a platform for all youths from Commonwealth countries to share their writing skills and convey vital messages. This year’s theme was ‘Community in the Commonwealth’. Fairfield is proud to announce that Lauren Soh from Secondary 1E clinched the Silver Award in 2021. Here is her essay!

Dear Diary,
Today was a day unlike any other! Being able to spend quality time with my mother and help my grandparents today, especially during this critical period, lifted my spirits and left me in a complete state of euphoria. Well, enough boring talk! Let me tell you what exactly happened today!

I woke up to the sound of rain drumming against my bedroom window, the thunder rumbling deafeningly. The gloomy weather was of no help. All it could do was to add on to my already dismal mood, making me
even more downhearted. After Covid-19 struck the
world, spreading the harmful coronavirus across each
country, many things were changed to ensure the
safety of the people. Having to follow the new
regulations and be “imprisoned within the white walls
of our home”, all the new changes had certainly taken
gloomy weather.jpg
its toll on me. I missed spending time with my friends and extended family members, and especially, the normal way of living!

Carrying this pessimistic attitude with me for the next few hours, not only was I moody and heavy-hearted, but I was also not motivated to do anything. That was until I suddenly came up with an excellent idea! With much enthusiasm, I shared my brand-new plan with Mother. My suggestion was to visit my grandparents, help them buy groceries and prepare a homemade lunch for them! We had not seen my grandparents ever since the government announced a few measures that together, was called a “circuit breaker”, where many rules were set in motion and we could no longer gather as a family.

Mother and I started off by heading to our nearest
supermarket to buy groceries for my grandparents.
Due to the elderly people being more vulnerable to
the damaging coronavirus, and being put at high risk
of being infected, it was unsafe for Grandpa and
Grandma to go shopping. Although Uncle and Auntie
would normally buy groceries for them, they were
both busy adjusting to their new work schedules and coping with their own jobs! When Mother and I reached the supermarket, we immediately started 
shopping. With a large shopping cart obeying our every command, Mother and I navigated through the massive supermarket! Putting in many different things such as, Grandpa’s favourite biscuits, Grandma’s preferred oatmeal, and fresh fruits, the items in the cart slowly piled up. After making sure that we had gotten everything that we needed, Mother and I headed to the cashier to pay for our items. When we had paid for all of the groceries, Mother and I held the numerous shopping bags and made our way back home.

Upon reaching home, we set down the heavy shopping bags and immediately started on our other task – cooking a meal for Grandpa and Grandma! After a long debate of what to cook among a variety of tasty food items, Mother and I decided to cook plain rice with some dishes, such as steamed fish, grilled chicken and stir fried vegetables. This homemade meal was certainly as healthy as it was delicious! Time passed quickly, and after an hour or two, our meal made with love was completed.

Later, we headed to Grandpa and Grandma’s house to deliver our surprises as soon as we had neatly packed the food into containers. Standing outside the door of my grandparents’ home, my eyes brimmed with joyful tears and I beamed from ear to ear. As soon as the door was opened, I rushed in to put down the things I was holding and gave each of my grandparents a big hug! I was all smiles as I sat down at the table and told Grandpa and Grandma what we had done. After hearing about our actions, they both thanked us profusely for helping them and praised us for being so helpful. Time passed by as we all chatted about the recent events that had happened to us as we unpacked the groceries and shared the dishes that Mother and I had cooked!

Soon, it was time for us to go home. As we were on the way back, I could not help bursting into a wide smile. Spending time with my mother, helping and visiting my grandparents were all it took to help me to cheer me up! This must have been one of the most heartwarming experiences of this year. I cannot wait to help and visit my grandparents yet again