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Sec 4 FLEX Week

FLEX-ing Muscles of Care

by Kylee Tan (Sec 3E), Athena Liu (Sec 4E) and Angel Wong (Sec 4D)

Have you ever done beach cleaning? What about helping out at soup kitchens? Or even organising hundreds of boxes, packed with food, in a gigantic warehouse? During the Fairfield Learning EXperience (FLEX) Week, our very own Secondary Four students reached out to many different people and communities via their Values-In-Action (VIA) projects. 

To start off the string of programmes lined up for FLEX Week, our Secondary Four students had an Education Career Guidance (ECG) talk with professionals from a wide range of industries. Our very own ex-Fairsians from various Institutes of Higher Learning came back as guest speakers too. 

“An ECG talk? Wouldn't it make them worry more about their upcoming national examinations and their future?” Luckily, their anxieties were allayed as they listened to the different professionals and alumni share their wonderful and insightful experiences. The speakers came from different backgrounds and provided perspectives on the many pathways one could venture into after graduation. While academic performance is one criterion for progress, the speakers encouraged the students to focus more on identifying their own interests and strengths.

In addition, the Secondary Four students had actually planned tirelessly for their VIA projects in 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the projects had to be put on hold. Fortunately, this year, students were allowed to actualise their projects. Over two days, the Secondary Four Fairsians volunteered their time and service to spread their love to the community. 

Long hours and much perspiration later, our students finally completed their VIA projects. On the final day of FLEX Week, all groups presented their experiences, and shared about how they had helped their partner organisations and even the new people they had met! 

It was indeed a week that helped Fairsians to reflect on their growth in Fairfield thus far. While this was likely to be the last VIA project that the Secondary Four students would do together in Fairfield, there will still be many other opportunities for them to be a blessing to the community. Through all these experiences, our Secondary Four students have definitely grown in personhood and maturity, broadened their horizons, and are now more ready than ever for the future that awaits them.