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Sec 3 FLEX Week

FLEX-ing Their Team Building Muscles

by Joshua Ho (Sec 3B), Thomas Wong (Sec 3E) and Kylee Tan (Sec 3E)

It was an unusual school week. School seemed a little quieter. Dead silence filled the corridor along the Secondary Three classrooms. Where were the students, one might wonder? 

The Secondary Three students were involved in various programmes beyond their conventional classrooms as part of Secondary 3 FLEX Week! 

On the first two days, groups of students travelled all over the island to FLEX their hearts of service! Some groups partnered community organisations while others did beach clean-ups. Prior to the day, students had to conceptualise and plan their very own Values-In-Action projects. Then, students contacted their desired organisation(s) and shared their plans on how they could contribute during FLEX Week. 

Through this process, Fairsians learned to identify community needs, demonstrate greater empathy towards different communities and muster the courage to exercise their influence to bless the society.  

After the VIA projects, the Secondary Three students were treated to a series of activities that sought to build teamwork amongst students. Sliding into the two-person kayak, students were determined to stay afloat and explore the area within Pandan Reservoir. Without synergy, however, their paddles were but playful splashes of the water. Some kayaks went in circles while others even capsized. After a while, all students started to get the hang of the paddling movement and managed to paddle in a synchronised manner. 

Also, as part of the team building segment, students were placed in groups to build a catapult! They would then compete to see which catapult could hurl a tennis ball the furthest. Students were taught the basic design and construction of a catapult before they engaged in the competition! It was indeed heartening to see catapults that managed to launch the tennis ball from one side of the parade square to the other!  

“Although we missed out on the annual Secondary 2 camp due to the pandemic, this year’s Secondary 3 FLEX Week certainly made up for it. We learnt new skills and formed stronger bonds with our classmates.” Koay Li Xuan of Secondary 3B commented. 

Through these engaging activities, our Secondary 3 Fairsians learnt the importance of teamwork and putting 100% into everything they did. As the saying goes, ‘Teamwork makes the dream work.’ Amidst everything that is happening around the world, this year’s FLEX Week will definitely be one that they will never forget.