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Tenacity and Focus Key to Sarah Tan's Success

by Emily Choo (Sec 2A), Cheyenne Yap (Sec 4C) and Chow Qin Ko (Sec 4E)

Sarah Tan Kai Yin’s story is not one without struggles. Just like many students, she had to overcome several hurdles to get to where she is today. Eventually, her hard work paid off. Filled with anticipation, she carefully opened the envelope that contained her result slip. Sarah was elated when she saw 4 A1s and 1 A2 printed on that small slip of paper.

Each of us struggles a lot academically, especially from the upper primary years, and Sarah was no different. She was described as a tenacious and focused girl by both her peers and teachers. She took on challenges and obstacles with a positive mindset, sought advice from her dedicated teachers, and continued to persevere during her academic journey.

However, this became especially tough in upper secondary as she struggled to juggle her studies as well as her leadership position in her CCA, Fairfield Netball. Thankfully, Sarah's optimism and grit helped her to conquer all challenges and emerge as one of the outstanding all round students. She recalls feeling extremely relieved yet overwhelmed when she received her GCE O-Level examination results, as she did not expect herself to do so well. 

Previously, she was easily distracted and often felt unmotivated. However, with encouragement from her friends and teachers, Sarah came up with a practical study plan and goal, and used her free time to do more practice questions. Her determination allowed her to cope with all her responsibilities and complete her assigned tasks. 

However, she could not have done it without the help of all her teachers in Secondary 4D 2020. During the period leading up to the GCE O-Level examinations, Sarah would ask her teachers for more consultations. Even until now, Sarah is very thankful for their guidance. Amongst all her teachers, her form teacher, Ms Lim Chee Shan, constantly encouraged her. This played a huge role in Sarah's success. In fact, Sarah describes Ms Lim as having seen her grow to become an all rounded leader who inspires her juniors with great compassion and self-confidence. 

Sarah’s ten-year education in Fairfield definitely taught her to become a more diligent and responsible student. Despite the many hardships she faced during this journey, she forged many precious memories and friendships. 

Sarah has a piece of advice for the graduating class students who will be taking their GCE O-Level examinations. “There will be occasions when we do not perform well, but it’s okay! As long as we display sheer tenacity and focus, we’ll eventually accomplish our goals.” 

If Sarah can do it, so can you!