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Liesl, An(n) Astounding Achiever

by: Daniel Chan (Sec 3A), Daniel Ling (Sec 4E) and Jessie Ng (Sec 4B)

It finally came - the day when all Secondary 4 Express and Secondary 5 Normal (Academic) students returned to Fairfield Secondary to collect their GCE O-Level examination results. This was the moment everyone had been waiting for. 

It only dawned on Liesl Ann Wong of Secondary 4B 2020 that she had performed exceptionally well when she received her GCE O-Level examination results. On top of that, she was the only student in her cohort who was nominated for the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence.

Such achievements did not come easy. Liesl credits her success to God, her family members, her friends, and in particular her Mathematics and Chemistry teachers, Mr Kua Khuan Tiong and Ms Karen Chin Lee Yong. These were the subjects she had least confidence in and hence she was grateful that Mr Kua and Ms Chin constantly supported and encouraged her.

“My friends were also undeniably crucial in helping me succeed. They shared study tips and notes with me, and even accepted video-calls the night before the GCE O-Level examinations to assist me in my revision. Such practices were especially vital when we were revising for our Chinese O-level examinations.”

Liesl had always been a stellar student. Besides receiving the Ministry of Education Edusave Character Award in 2018 and 2019 for being a role model who consistently demonstrated good character and values, Liesl was also awarded the Ministry of Education Edusave Scholarship from 2017 to 2019 in recognition of her outstanding academic performance. Thus, she would like to bless the 2021 graduating cohort by sharing her advice. 

Firstly, set reasonable goals and work hard to attain them. Setting goals gives you motivation in the long run, which will in turn drive you to become more efficient and productive. 

Secondly, for Liesl, she found studying with friends very effective. “Studying together creates memories. Also, it motivates everyone, and allows for different points of view, which is especially important when it comes to revising the Humanities subjects!” 

“Plan breaks in your schedule” is her final piece of advice for those taking their GCE-O Level examinations this year. “We tend to either study too hard and don't take breaks, or we relax too much such that we are unable to keep up with the syllabus. Thus, it is important that we create a study plan and stick to it. This is so that we can achieve a healthy work-life balance.” 

However, there were also moments when Liesl felt that she needed the support and encouragement from the people around her to get out of her slump. “There were times when I felt unmotivated to carry on with my revision plan. However, my family members, friends and teachers really helped me to get through such periods, and I am really grateful for all their assistance!” 

The journey for most graduating students will not be easy. However, as Liesl demonstrated, with perseverance and support, success is possible. Her story is one of many which shows that no man is an island. If Liesl can do it, so can you!!