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What Does School Pride Mean To You?

As part of the Voice Of A Fairsian Programme, Ryan Peh from Secondary 4A sought to provide a different perspective of school pride. When writing his speech, he felt that it is the people in Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) whom he is proud of, specifically his dedicated teammates and teachers who continue to persevere alongside him through the ups and downs of life. He wished to share this sense of school pride with his fellow schoolmates so as to encourage them to appreciate the warm people, good facilities and numerous opportunities in Fairfield Secondary. (This speech was delivered in April 2020 during morning assembly.)

Ryan’s Speech

Good morning Ms Chen, Vice-Principals, teachers and fellow Fairsians! I am Ryan, Head of the Social Department in the Student Council, and a member of the school’s football team. Today, I will be talking about school pride.

What does school pride mean to you? Are you proud of your school? If so, what exactly are you proud of about the school? Let's all take the next 30 seconds to close our eyes and think about these questions.

To me, school pride is simply about being proud to be a Fairsian and to don the blue and yellow colours of the school uniform. I am indeed proud of our school, especially the Fairfield Football team, which consists of such committed teachers and dedicated teammates. We have persevered together throughout our four years in the school. Through our victories and losses, long hours of training sessions, and the occasional heated arguments on the field, I am proud of how we have all grown together as a team. I would also like to thank our teachers in charge, namely Mr Gary Chew, Ms Priscilla Goh and Mr Yap Hock Heng, for putting in so much time and effort to help us become better footballers. For example, they wake up earlier every Wednesday morning so as to reach school at 630am to run with the team. Furthermore, they push us to our limits during physical training, and encourage us all the time.

Secondly, I am proud of the school for helping us to understand the reasons behind each decision. Even though we sometimes grumble about the school, I feel that it is important for us to understand the actual context of the issue first before making such comments. For example, two years ago, my football team had to take public transport to play a friendly match in Clementi. A few Fairfield Football team members grumbled that the school refused to charter a two-way transport. However, after discussing this issue with the teachers during a student leaders’ meeting, I realised that it was costly to charter a bus from Fairfield to Clementi for a friendly match. Hence, I feel that we should seek to understand the relevant reasons first before jumping to conclusions.

Have we ever stopped to think of what makes us proud to be a student of Fairfield Secondary? The school provides us with a variety of learning opportunities, such as Trips for International Experience and Secondary 2 Camp. These experiences help to shape our character and create memorable moments in Fairfield Secondary, such that we can look back one day and say that we are proud to have gone through those experiences, be it as a class, as a CCA, or as a student leader group.

So, how can we demonstrate our school pride? We can represent Fairfield Secondary through our respective CCAs in inter-school competitions or tournaments. Even if we do not clinch trophies and attain awards, we can show our school pride through the way we carry ourselves, such as speaking appropriately and wearing our school uniform with pride. Last but not least, we should live up to our school motto of ‘Pure and Honest’ all the time. By doing so, we show that we are proud to be a Fairsian!

Thank you for your time!