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Struggling is the First Step to Growth

As part of the Voice Of A Fairsian Programme, Jessie Ng from Secondary 3B shared about how struggling is the first step to growth. Although all of us will encounter difficulties and challenges as we journey to become effective leaders, we can brave the storm and make change happen as long as we continue to grow and accept that change is constant. Jessie explained, “As I have experienced many struggles during my leadership journey, I want to encourage my fellow schoolmates to continue to challenge the process, so that they will become the best version of themselves." Indeed, no matter how insurmountable our obstacles are, we will always be able to overcome them and emerge victorious! (This speech was delivered in August 2020 during morning assembly.)

Jessie’s Speech

Good morning Ms Chen, Vice-Principals, Teachers and fellow schoolmates. I am Jessie Ng from Secondary 3B. Today, I would like to share with you that struggling is the first step to experiencing growth. It is only through struggle that we are able to emerge as better people.

We often struggle when we try new things. In fact, all of us struggle in our everyday life. In those times, we are discouraged because everything seems to be going against us, and we blame ourselves for the bumps that happen along the way. This is especially so when we embark on a new enterprise. Sometimes, I find myself asking, “Should I have done this?”

This then causes us to become more unwilling to do things differently. Eventually, we fall into this mindset that everything will be smooth-sailing as long as we stick to the norm. However, does this enable us to experience growth?

No! Struggle is necessary.

Strength and growth come about only through continuous effort and struggle. All of us will have to face storms in life. What matters is how we deal with them. One way I have learnt to overcome difficulties is to challenge the process. This means we have to seek innovative ways to change, grow and improve ourselves. When we stand our ground and continue to experiment and challenge the process, we will not only overcome the obstacle, but experience growth in our character.

As a Secondary 3 student, I have noticed many of my peers taking up responsibilities and positions in our CCAs. As the amount of work we need to do increases dramatically, we might be overwhelmed with the amount of work we have in addition to coping with our studies. We may want to do great things, and make big changes in our CCAs or Student Leader Groups during our term as student leaders. Yet, we may be struggling to do so, especially with the ever-changing circumstances today. Many of us may feel drained and tired, and hence decide to stick to the norm and not try new ways of doing things.

As Student Leaders, we should all the more be willing to experiment and try new things to improve the current ways of doing things. When I became the President of Journalism CCA, I was ready to do everything by myself as I had seen my seniors busily writing articles and taking photos. However, I realised I was slowly burning out. I was struggling with my duties as Deputy Head Councillor as well as Journalism President. That was when my Journalism teacher encouraged me to challenge the process and share the workload with the other journalists so that I will not have to bear the entire burden myself. I found this hard to do as I preferred to do the work by myself so that I would not need to chase for the work that I had assigned others to do. However, if I had gone down that path and continued doing everything myself, I would have experienced burnout. Thus, despite my initial reservations, I decided to work out a way to share the workload with the other journalists so that I could have some time to relax as well. This experience has allowed me to continue being passionate about Journalism CCA and Student Council, as well as grow as a person.

In conclusion, I have realised that only through struggle and challenging the current way of doing things, can we experience growth. So, take heart! Challenge the process and you will become a better version of yourself!

Thank you!