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Krison Sum: Achieving Success After Graduation

by Ian Lau (Sec 1E), Athena Liu (Sec 3E), Jessie Ng (Sec 3B) and Cheyenne Yap (Sec 3C)

"I think the biggest takeaway from Fairfield Secondary was the friends I made," Krison Sum said. "They journeyed through the highest and lowest points of my life with me."

Our alumni Krison Sum attributes a huge part of his success to the support that he received from the friends he made in Fairfield Secondary. He also emphasised that Fairfield played a significant role in contributing to his achievements even after graduation. Furthermore, his teachers in Fairfield played a huge role in shaping his character, thereby enabling him to become a hardworking and determined leader. He shared, “It was obvious that they cared about my well-being and my life. In fact, I still keep in contact with many of my teachers.”

Despite initial plans not to enter a Junior College, Krison’s Fairfield Basketball teacher-in-charge encouraged him to take up the challenge when he was offered a Direct School Admission (DSA) spot in Raffles Junior College (RJC). He reflected, “I wanted to put myself in an environment where I was constantly surrounded by people who could challenge and maximise my potential. I wanted to adopt a growth mindset so that I can push myself to greater heights.” With the support of his family members and friends, he thrived in RJC, and eventually achieved excellent GCE A-Level examination results.

When asked to provide some advice to his Fairfield juniors who are unsure of which tertiary education path to pursue, he commented that one should consider what they wish to achieve from the journey.

"The best advice I can give is to not be afraid of difficulties, and face your challenges head on."

Upon graduation from RJC, Krison was soon enlisted. He has since completed his full time National Service (NS). Looking back at the wealth of experience he gained during his time in NS, he commented, "I realised that I could actually do many things that I previously thought I could not. It was also those physically demanding experiences that anchored my faith in God."

One such experience was the month-long overseas training programme for Commando leaders. During that period, he had to spend two entire weeks outfield. He recalled that his biggest challenge was giving his best and persevering even though he was exhausted. Krison commented, "There were occasions when I had to lead a group of twenty to thirty people outfield to accomplish a mission that our commanders gave us, all while surviving only on four hours of sleep for four full days." Despite the multitude of difficulties Krison encountered, he wholeheartedly put his trust in God and overcame all the challenges in the end.

As Krison’s commanders noticed his leadership qualities, resilience, and ability to encourage his soldiers, Krison became a Commando Officer at the Officer Cadet School (OCS) and even won the Sword of Honour.

Even after NS, Krison continues to strive for success, and has been accepted into The Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore.

As he reflects on his journey thus far, Krison realises the significance of each small step he took, and each small habit he formed. He advises, "Take one step at a time and enjoy your journey. Truly enjoy each and every day of your life, and give your best in everything that you do. Naturally, you will find yourself on the path that you are meant to take."