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Blessed to be in Fairfield – Eugene Lek’s Path to Success

by Kayla Ng (Sec 1D), Eden Joyce Koh (Sec 2A) and Kylee Tan (Sec 2D)

“Through the setbacks that I encountered during my research experiences, I learned that it is only through perseverance that we can overcome challenges and achieve our goals.”

Eugene Lek has won countless academic awards throughout his time in Fairfield Secondary, and it’s no surprise that he continues excelling even after graduation. Recently, he gained recognition after receiving the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics and Science. 

When Eugene was asked about the people who had helped him during his journey thus far, he expressed his deep gratitude towards his teachers who had patiently guided him throughout his four years in Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary). He remarked, “My awesome teachers have contributed a lot to my academic success, patiently answering every question and setting aside their precious time to have consultations with me.”

How did he develop such a deep interest and expertise in Mathematics and Science? It was none other than his participation in Fairfield’s Science Programme for the Education of Aspiring Researchers (SPEAR). SPEAR provided platforms and resources for Eugene to nurture his passion in the Sciences. Besides the national competitions, his teacher mentors in the SPEAR programme encouraged Eugene to attend other science fairs and events. This gave him the opportunity to explore different possibilities and learn more about the different Sciences during his enriching SPEAR journey in Fairfield Secondary. 

“My experience in SPEAR gave me the opportunity to explore and discover many aspects of Science that were beyond the textbook. This encouraged me to think more critically, thereby helping me to become a more logical person today. I’m also grateful that SPEAR helped me to attain the Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics and Science.”

At the same time, Eugene humbly shared that he could not have accomplished so much if not for the unwavering support from his friends at Fairfield Secondary. He felt that it was the caring school environment and the unforgettable friendships he had forged in Fairfield Secondary that drove him to become the best version of himself. 

“I have been fortunate to have a nice group of friends. In good times, hanging out with them has brought me much joy. More importantly, in tough times, their company has helped me to carry on, thereby enabling me to become more focused on my studies.”

Eugene concludes, “In a friendly environment such as Fairfield's, making good friends is easy. We should not take them for granted. Instead, we must appreciate our friendships.” Eugene thus attributed his success to the many fruitful interactions he had with different people in Fairfield Secondary. Indeed, his teachers and friends in Fairfield played a great role in shaping his character and developing his academic ability. With so many opportunities and experiences to walk away with, Eugene truly feels blessed to have studied in Fairfield Secondary.