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Acknowledging Teachers for Their Hard Work

As part of the Voice Of A Fairsian Programme, Cai Cheng Wei from Secondary 4G1 spoke about how the students in Fairfield Secondary expressed their gratitude to their teachers through the nomination process for the Caring Teacher Award. He cited many students who recounted numerous instances where their teachers had shown care for them. Through his speech, he hopes to encourage more students to step forward to acknowledge and celebrate the good work of their teachers. (This speech was delivered in January 2020 during morning assembly.)

Cheng Wei’s Speech

Good morning school! I’m Cheng Wei from Secondary 4G1. Today, I’m here to talk about the Caring Teacher Award.

Last September, we conducted a session for our students to nominate a teacher who cared and went the extra mile for them. Looking at all the nominations and encouraging messages that we received, we are glad that all of you really made the effort to write something nice to commend the teachers who have helped or inspired you in any way.

All these encouragement notes were then compiled and sent to each individual teacher. I can assure you that the teachers were really touched by these messages, which made all their hard work worthwhile. So, here are some meaningful notes that I found amongst all the nominations.

One student wrote: “This teacher is very kind and caring. He is willing to explain the same concepts over and over again patiently. When the Weighted Assessments or examinations are around the corner, he is willing to provide numerous consultations for all of us. He also cracks jokes to make these consultations more interesting.”

Another student recounted: “This teacher sustained a bad injury recently which caused her to be absent from school. As the examinations were approaching, she made the effort to facetime us during every lesson from home to make sure that we could carry on learning. Whenever we needed help, she would always come to us to make sure we were comfortable with the questions. She has indeed shown love and concern for us.

Another student recalled: “As my form teacher for three years now, this teacher has shown so much care and concern for all of us. He is always looking out for his students and can immediately detect when his students are feeling troubled. He is also a great ‘friend’ who is trustworthy and approachable. Despite the age gap, he does his best to relate with and be there for all his students.”

Through these three examples, we can clearly see the sacrifices that our teachers make just to ensure that we become the best version of ourselves. Since we have benefited so much from all these sacrifices, we should continue to appreciate our teachers and acknowledge the immense effort they have put in for us.

So how do we appreciate them? Firstly, we can always be a blessing to our teachers by remembering what they have done for us instead of thinking about what they can keep doing for us. Secondly, we can also appreciate them through simple actions such as greeting them cheerfully at the beginning of each lesson. This will lift their spirits and encourage them for the rest of the day. If we are struggling to think of ways to appreciate our teachers, we can approach them and say “Thank you for everything you have done for us!” This will enable them to feel motivated and appreciated.

So, before I end my sharing, I would like to share with you a very meaningful quote: “A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

Let’s continue to encourage, acknowledge and thank our teachers for all their hard work and sacrifices. Thank you!