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Our Collective Spirit to ‘Fight This Virus and Win’

by Eden Joyce Koh (Secondary 2A)

But we’ll be together through thick and the thin
As one country we’ll fight this virus and win
We’ll fight with our hearts and our minds and our souls
Protecting this island where we call our home

You might have heard of this song titled ‘Singapore, Unite as One’. This was written by Jacob Neo, our junior from Fairfield Methodist School (Primary), to encourage everyone to stay strong and united during this difficult and uncertain trial! As a school community, Fairfield Secondary has certainly come together as one to keep all staff and students safe.

Well, what has Fairfield Secondary done to ‘fight the COVID-19 virus and win’? Since Term 1, our school has set up new protocols and implemented new measures to protect everyone in the Fairfield family. Amongst these new practices are the ‘Wipe-Down’ routine and the Home Based Learning programme.

The ‘Wipe-Down’ routine is a practice in which students exercise personal responsibility to themselves as well as to others. Handmade soap solutions and paper towels are provided in the classroom and the canteen area. This is to encourage students to wipe their study desks, usually at least once in the morning, and the tables in the canteen that they use after meals. This helps to kill the virus and bacteria on the tables which will not only protect the user of the table at that time but prevent future users of the table from falling ill.

“Personally, I find that the ‘Wipe-Down’ routine helped to strengthen my sense of personal hygiene,” commented Michelle Sy from Secondary 3B. Jessica Bethapudi, a Secondary 2 student shared a similar sentiment, saying that the routine has “helped me to stay safe and healthy during this period of time, and to be more mindful of my surroundings.”

Indeed, just as we have been blessed by others who wiped the canteen tables that we now use, we relay this blessing by cleaning up after ourselves. This is how we as Fairsians live out this year’s school theme, ‘Blessed to Be a Blessing’, in our daily school life! Furthermore, we must thank the non-teaching staff members who supply and resupply us with paper towels and handmade soap solution every day.

Another measure we have taken to ‘fight this virus and win’ is the Full Home Based Learning programme that is currently conducted on a daily basis. Though some students initially found it difficult to adapt to Home Based Learning, many eventually adapted to the novel learning mode. Some students even found it enjoyable.

Bella Su, a Secondary 2 student shared, “We can not only learn at our own pace, but spend time bonding with our family members at home. Home Based Learning essentially allows us to kill two birds with one stone.” Ms Joanna Lim, an inspiring Literature and Geography teacher added, “Home Based Learning creates a conducive environment whereby students not only learn to be independent, but to better plan and manage their time. In addition, the quieter students may feel more comfortable speaking up or asking questions since they are not being looked at by their peers.” Evidently, Fairsians are learning well under such unique conditions, and are aware of the importance of staying at home to stop the spread of the virus.

While we’re at home, we can still play our part as a member of the Fairfield community. Joanna Tan, a Secondary 2 student, shared, “If I have doubts regarding my studies, I can ask my friends, and they are sure to help me willingly. Our caring teachers have also been conducting online consultations. In spite of this extraordinary circumstance, all the teachers still make sure that we continue to learn and be meaningfully occupied.”

Fairsians, this is a great opportunity to be a blessing to our community. As our country battles against COVID-19, let us play our part to encourage and support one another. The fight against COVID-19 is never alone! Together, we will overcome it!