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Katelyn Lim: Blessed to Be A Blessing to the Community

by Joshua Ho (Sec 2E) and Jessie Ng (Sec 3B)

“Give your best in everything you do,” Katelyn Lim advised. “But never become proud when success comes your way.”

Katelyn entered Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) as a Secondary 1 Normal (Academic) student. Since then, she has made significant academic progress. Yet, Katelyn remains humble, claiming that her success was due to her teachers and peers from Secondary 1G of 2014 who have journeyed with her through the years.

“They fostered a spirit of resilience and perseverance in me, spurred me to go beyond my limits and maximised my potential. If it weren’t for their constant support, I wouldn’t be who I am today.” With the support of her family, teachers and friends, she aced her GCE O-Level examinations, attaining an L1R5 score of six points.

Katelyn then went on to Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (ACS(I)) to embark on the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. When she was in ACS(I), she reached out to the community through the school’s Interact Club where she helped to plan meaningful activities for the elderly and disabled, and execute engaging reading programmes for children. She hopes to become a General Practitioner on mission trips to bless the broader community.

Katelyn is now an IB graduate. She had done exceptionally well in the IB examinations, scoring 44 points out of a possible 45! As part of the Education and Career Guidance Programme for the graduating classes, Katelyn came back to Fairfield Secondary to give a talk to students who are interested in the IB course. She explained that the IB programme places great emphasis on the development of research skills and it incorporates community service into the formal curriculum. Through her time at ACS(I), she had to initiate projects related to the concepts of Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), which are akin to the Values-In-Action (VIA) programme in Fairfield Secondary.

She assured the Secondary Four and Five students who may be worrying if they are able to meet the expectations of the IB curriculum: “I was once in your shoes where I had minimal experience in conducting research for various topics, but I managed to pick up the necessary research skills during my two years in ACS(I) with the help of my friends and teachers.”

Furthermore, she commented that Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) provided the environment for her to grow into a person who can be a blessing to others. “Often, we view our failures and hardships as obstacles to success. However, during my time in Fairfield, I learnt to be persistent in the face of setbacks and to see my failures as opportunities for growth. I was also happy that I was given the platform to empower others who may face similar circumstances that I had experienced before.”

“Moreover, the Fairfield Learning EXperience Week opened my eyes to various societal issues. This provided the perfect platform for me to move beyond an awareness and understanding of such issues in society, to bringing about engagement, action and meaningful change to the best of my abilities. Overall, I am grateful for the journey that I have gone through in Fairfield Secondary as it has ignited in me a passion for learning and giving back to the community.” Katelyn indeed embodies Fairfield’s theme of ‘Blessed to be a Blessing’.

“Always remember that being selfless will bring you places. Continue to trust God even if you do not see the fruits of your labour. Do not despise small beginnings and embrace the process you’re in,” Katelyn advised

You never know, heeding these words might just be the key to your success as it was for Katelyn!