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Igniting the Passion in Every Secondary One Student

by: Melody Tham (Sec 4E)

“Fairfield, power power!”

Deafening shouts reverberated around the school as scores of Fairsians cheered passionately on the morning of the first day of school. What’s with this enthusiastic vigour? You may wonder.

This was the warm welcome our Student Leaders had prepared for our incoming Secondary One students! The Student Leaders had been working tirelessly during the past few months to organise not just the cheer, but the Orientation programme that would kick-start every Secondary One student’s journey in Fairfield Secondary.

Many Secondary One students who took their first steps past the school gate might all have one similar worry in their minds -- Would I be able to make friends and fit in? However, they soon realised that they had nothing to worry about! The Student Leaders prepared three days of fun-filled activities which allowed the new students to forge invaluable friendships with their classmates and their Orientation Group Leaders.

Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with competing in a game? Do you also enjoy laughing alongside your friends while fighting for top spot?

Well, our Secondary One students clearly did, judging by their enthusiasm during the bonding games and their eagerness to win points for their respective classes. These games were thoughtfully designed by the Student Leaders to provide opportunities for the Secondary One students to improve their communication skills. Also, they learned to work in teams to overcome the challenges that were posed in the games.

In one exciting game, our Secondary One students stood in a circle with their hands gripping one another to form a complex knot of inter-linked hands. The group had to figure out a way to untangle the knot without breaking free from each other. Laughter filled the air as the students watched each other end up in strange poses as they tried their best to untangle themselves. Nearby, two other classes were facing off in an intense water war. Every student was sprinting across the field as they tried to splash water on the opposing team or duck from the water attacks. Of course, their efforts were in vain as all of them were drenched happily at the end of the day. The strong bonds forged from playing such exciting team-building games with their new friends were enough for them to ignore any discomfort faced.

The Secondary One Orientation was certainly not just about fun and games, as the new students went through an engaging workshop on Anti-Bullying where they were led into a dark room blindfolded. In the room, Student Leaders used props and videos to simulate what one may feel and experience when they are being bullied. Thereafter, the Student Leaders facilitated a reflection session with the Secondary One students. This activity allowed our students to openly talk about bullying and learn to be kind to one another.

The Orientation drew to a close with the Installation Night when every parent proudly pinned the Fairfield badge onto their child’s uniform. This rite of passage officially installed our Secondary One students as Fairsians!

In a short span of three days, every Secondary One student was indeed blessed by the Student Leaders and teachers who meticulously planned such a meaningful Orientation programme, as they learned more about themselves and their friends, and were introduced to the school’s values and culture. Indeed, Fairfield is now their home!

May the fire ignited in these Secondary One students’ hearts continue to light their path ahead, so that they can also be a blessing to everyone around them!