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Humility the Key to Shanice Kwok’s Success

“I was extremely nervous before Ms Chen announced the names of the outstanding all round students. Then I saw my name on the screen and… OH!”

Shanice Kwok from Secondary 4E 2019 was in for a pleasant surprise when she returned to Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) to collect her GCE O-Level examination results on 13 January 2020.

“When I got my own results, I was delighted! I definitely didn’t expect to get 6 points! No words can describe how grateful I was. I was just really thankful that my effort was reflected in my GCE O-Level examination results.”

Not one for egocentrism, she attributes her stellar academic performance to the various pillars of support in her life – God, family, and her subject and Co-Curricular Activity teachers.

She particularly recalls writing consultations with her English Language teacher Ms Laura Or, who helped her to improve her grade from a B4 to an A1, in addition to the strong emotional support received from her Girls’ Brigade and Peer Support Board teachers.

Her family played an equally important role in helping to manage her study habits during the rigorous Secondary 4 year.

“They were super encouraging, and made sure I didn’t exhaust myself while studying especially during the Mid-Year and Preliminary Examinations.”

This humble attitude towards success comes as no surprise. During her time in Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary), Shanice displayed humility while serving the school as the Deputy Head of Peer Support Board and as the Staff Sergeant of the Girls’ Brigade in 2018 and 2019. She also organised meaningful activities for the elderly at Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre. In fact, her consistent demonstration of good character and values enabled her to receive the Ministry of Education Edusave Character Award in 2018 and the Bishop Eveland Character Award in 2019. Amidst this flurry of activities, Shanice did not lose her focus on God, as she actively carved out time in her schedule to serve in the school’s Chapel Band.

With so much on her plate, she had to come up with an effective time management system.

“I would create a ‘To-Do’ list every day and colour-code it so that I know what to do first, what to study today, and how many hours to spend on each task. I also had to do things very quickly.”

All these helped her to maximise the time spent in class, prioritise her responsibilities and find time for herself in the midst of her hectic schedule.

When asked if she had any advice for the 2020 batch of Secondary 4 and 5 students, she encouraged them to ask questions.

“If you don’t understand anything, ask your teachers to clarify all doubts early! They are really helpful!”

She also recommended getting sufficient sleep to better absorb and understand the content taught in class, and trying to complete homework in school before returning home for the day.

“Plan your time wisely and stop procrastinating. If you finish your work earlier, you can sleep earlier and engage in your hobbies for a longer period of time!”

If Shanice can do it, why can’t you?