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A Multi-Ethnic Medley to Bless the Community

by Eden Joyce Koh (Sec 2A) and Kylee Tan (Sec 2D)

24 January 2020 marked Fairfield’s annual Multi-Ethnic Celebrations (MEC) to commemorate the diversity of the community. On this day, psychedelic costumes highlighting the vibrancy of the occasion contrasted starkly with the azure school walls. Students and teachers were also immersed in intriguing activities ranging from traditional cultural activities to small but meaningful acts blessing the Dover community.

The Secondary 1 to 3 students learnt more about the four main ethnic groups, namely Chinese, Malay, Peranakan and Indian, through a series of hands-on activities. Some did clay sculpting while others tried their hands on puppet making (of the Wayang Kulit) and flower garlanding. Meanwhile, their Secondary 4 seniors were busy preparing for their upcoming cultural performance for the MEC concert. This has been a yearly tradition for the graduating students to come together as a class to perform for the school.

“Fairfield, let’s put our hands together for our performers!”

A resounding round of applause reverberated through the hall. It was obvious that everyone was eagerly awaiting the upcoming performances. Backstage, the Secondary 4 performers were practising their moves. They were nervously excited to present the fruits of their labour, after spending many hours auditioning and rehearsing their moves for this one moment onstage. As the music came on, all nervousness was forgotten, as they had much fun dancing and laughing together with their form teachers who gamely and animatedly joined them in the performance! The variety of exciting yet meaningful traditional and modern performances left the audience’s palms sore from their wholehearted ovation.

But the day was not just about merry entertainment. To usher in the Lunar New Year, every class contributed food items that would go into many hampers. Our Community Student Leaders eventually distributed them with great love to bless the less privileged residents in the Dover community. The collection, packing and delivering of the hampers was one way our students demonstrated a heart of service to bless the residents living near Fairfield.

There was no doubt that through this Multi-Ethnic Celebration, the students attained a deeper understanding and appreciation of the different cultures in Singapore and learnt to be a blessing to others!