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An Award for the Ages

by Chloe Chua (Sec 3E)

Ever wondered what the old Fairfield was like?
Of course, in today's day and age, a few taps on your keyboard will bring you the answer you desire. However, if you'd like a piece of authentic history, perhaps the internet isn't the best place to find the answer.

In a school with a history as rich as Fairfield's, experienced employees are inevitable. Why not approach them?

Mr Hou reminisced, “As the HOD of Discipline back then, I was still teaching. We divided our duties just like what you see now. During Ms Elaine Lim’s time, I was also the HOD of the Design and Technology department because there was no HOD then. It was tough, but thank God I had helpful colleagues who supported me!”

Scottish poet Alexander Smith once famously pronounced, "A man doesn't plant a tree for himself. He plants it for posterity." Fairfield's long-serving members of staff deserve some sort of recognition for their efforts. Don't you agree? 

Well, guess what? We have the quinquennial Long Service Award!

And yes, as the name suggests, the award is given out to some of Fairfield's longest-serving personages. From teaching and supervising to guiding and correcting students for at least the last 10 years, these individuals are indeed a distinctive part of our school. 

Mr Sidek divulged, “I assist the teachers in monitoring and helping their students during the workshop lessons, and I enjoy doing that!" 

Our very own Vice Principal, Mr Lim Sin Heng, was one of the recipients of this award. He revealed, "It's nice to be recognised and to be given this award, but I think that working in Fairfield has its own rewards, because of the people you work with. I'm very grateful for the different partners who make up the Fairfield family!" 

Kudos to all our long-serving Fairfield staff for their unwavering loyalty and dedication to our school!