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The Handover

by Jamie Tan (Sec 2E) and Edryss Sim (Sec 2E)

Today’s the day!

The girl straightened her tie. Glancing at the group of students sitting at the back, she could not help but think back to when she was seated exactly a year ago ... How time flies! It was now time for her to pass the baton and step down from her position.

They say that recognition is the best motivator. Thus, the school organises the Student Leaders’ Investiture every year, where newly-appointed Student Leaders are officially acknowledged in front of the school population.

In your opinion, what makes a truly good leader? A shiny badge and a tie? The capability to accomplish a myriad of tasks through one’s individual effort? Or perhaps, is your idea of a good leader one who cares for the people and works with and for the people?

Just like the roots of a Sequoia Redwood tree, students and their leaders alike are interconnected, inter-reliant and intertwined. Here’s a question to ponder over: What does it mean to be stronger together?

Proudly sporting his uniform, a nominated Student Leader made his way across the stage at the sound of his name. Grinning widely, he shook the Principal’s hand and accepted the certificate offered to him as a sign of recognition of his leadership.

A drum roll sounded from the back of the hall.

All heads turned at the sight of the former Uniformed Group Leaders, smartly dressed in their various regimentals, marching forward with the school flag. 

Now, it was time. Handing her ‘baton’ over, the girl couldn't help but chuckle at her successor’s confused face. After all, it isn’t every day one receives broccoli as a gift! Still, they grinned widely at each other, knowing that even after the former leader had stepped down, the two would always continue to support each other.