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Carnival Chronicles: Edition 1 - Dunk Tank Diaries

by Chloe Chua (Sec 3E)
How much would you pay to get back at your teachers?

The day of celebration saw a particularly large crowd gathered below the main stairwell, where an unfortunate teacher perched atop the tank of water. A volleyball launched straight at the trigger button sent him right into the freezing water below. 

The crowd erupted into cheers.

But it didn’t start there: The highlight of Carnival@Fairfield 2018 began its work two weeks prior to the carnival. The Alumni planned the occasion, while the general student body nominated the victims. The Fairfield spirit was evident and dynamic, which played an important role in hyping up the upcoming fiesta, where Fairsians past and present gathered together to furnish their support and cheer as one family.

Just how successful was the Dunk Tank in raising funds? Through a combined effort, the ten ‘popular’ teachers raised an aggregate of $3,324.

Rain or shine, the dunking stall never fails to deliver! With the giant gym ball unveiled, a larger crowd gathered and cheered on Fairfield’s very own Vice-Principal, Mr Alan Lim, as he made his attempt to dunk his fellow colleague and Vice-Principal, Mr Lim Sin Heng.

Mr Tan Chang Ci, known as ‘Mr FBT’ for his love of jogging in FBT shorts, was dunked a total of seven times. His valiant efforts were rewarded in the form of generous donations, as he raised the highest and most impressive amount of $1,110. 

To end it all off, the last teacher dunked that day was none other than the school’s Discipline Master, Mr Vincent Chia. 

“I don’t know whether being chosen to be dunked should be taken positively or negatively. Does it mean they like you, or they don’t? But I will take this as a compliment, since they are willing to spend money to dunk me.” Ms Nio commented. “But let me put it on record: In five years, there will not be a third time!”

Indeed, Carnival@Fairfield brought generations of Fairsians back to Fairfield, where the dunk tank reignited every individual’s deep love and gratitude for Fairfield. The Fairfield family definitely grew stronger together as a result of such memorable moments.