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An Enriching and Enthralling English Week Experience

by Averil Kan (Sec 2E)

Are you someone who genuinely look forward to, appreciate and enjoy English Language lessons?

Let’s be honest! Not many of us can immediately and definitely raise our hands to answer, “I do!”

In a bid to stimulate students to love English, Fairfield introduced into the curriculum a week of fascinating English activities. English Week 2018 seeks to instil and cultivate language skills and creativity, as well as strengthen the students’ command of the English Language, through a series of team-building language games.

You are given a pen, paper and a 10-word-limit. What could this possibly entail?

To start off the first day of English Week, a unique task titled ‘Tiny Tales’ taps into the students’ creativity and wit, requiring them to thoughtfully plan out their own intriguing ten-word short story. What would you have written? 

But hang on! Who says that English lessons absolutely have to encompass writing?

The atmosphere in the classroom turned ominous as the second activity began.

“My dearest grandchild…”

You’ve adopted a new persona - the youngest, most-loved grandchild of a recently deceased tycoon. He’s left you your inheritance, along with a few confidential documents: his diary, most recent medical report, updated will, and a set of instructions. 

“...find the one that killed me…!”

Armed solely with a pen and their language prowess, students set out to discover the truth behind their esteemed grandfather’s passing as part of the newly-introduced English Week activity, Murder Mystery.

Are you a team player? Do you enjoy team games?

Shouting and cheering from the classrooms signalled the start of the last activity of English Week - Pictionary, but with a slight twist: all the phrases given to the selected artists were idioms. With one member sketching and the others guessing, teamwork was of paramount importance, while the students were thoroughly engaged. 

Who says that learning English can’t be enjoyable?