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Welcome to Fairfield - Orientation 2018

by Raelee Toh Hsuan Hui (Sec 4E)

Fairfield warmly welcomed the Secondary One students through an enthralling orientation programme from 2 to 5 January 2018. The purposeful and fun-filled annual programme was meticulously planned and executed by the Upper Secondary Student Leaders and teachers. This enriching event provided many opportunities for the Secondary One students to forge new bonds with their classmates and familiarise themselves with the surroundings they will be in for the next 4 or 5 years. 

The theme for this year’s orientation is ‘Constellation’. It signifies the coming together of the new Secondary 1 students like stars, where they can help one another shine and forge stronger bonds to form beautiful patterns on the celestial night sky.

The Secondary One students were taken through a series of dry and wet games, which required them to work together regardless of their diverse backgrounds and previous primary schools. These games indeed helped the students to foster a sense of belonging and unity.

The discipline talks and workshops, such as the Anti-Vulgarity Campaign and Anti-Bullying Campaign, enabled students to familiarise themselves with the school rules. Students were also engaged in an interactive activity where they were blindfolded to empathise with how victims of bullying would feel.

To build a sense of pride and belonging to their new school, students were taught the school song and school hymn. The students were also involved in the decoration of their very own class covenants and class banners, which they would proudly hang in their classrooms.

The last day of the programme kicked off with a cheer competition, where each class had to present their unique and original cheers to a panel of judges, namely the EXCO members and the teachers. The judges were indeed amazed by the Secondary 1 students, as they displayed originality, synergy, enthusiasm, creativity and energy! 

The highlight of Orientation 2018 was the Installation Night, which kicked off with an astounding performance by our very own award-winning Fairfield Choir. Parents of the Secondary One students were invited to attend this event, where the students delightfully recounted their orientation journey through a plethora of videos and images. The evening culminated in an event that everyone was anticipating - the Badge Presentation ceremony - where parents or guardians pinned the school’s badge on their child’s uniform, signifying that they are officially Secondary One students in Fairfield Secondary. It was indeed heartwarming to see the delightful and proud grins on both parents’ and students’ faces during the ceremony. 

All in all, Orientation 2018 was a resounding success! The Secondary One students immersed themselves in an electrifyingly new environment and had an unforgettably marvellous time! 

Welcome to Fairfield, Secondary One students!