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Sharryl Seto - A Diligent and Positive Student

Sharryl is a hardworking student who displays a positive learning attitude. As a self-directed learner, she takes pride in her work and completes her tasks on time. As the Devotion I/C in the Girls' Brigade, she carried out her duties responsibly and contributed her best efforts in her CCA. In 2017, Sharryl was awarded the prestigious Pioneer Brigadier’s Brooch which is the highest local award given to an outstanding and deserving member of the Girls’ Brigade. 

(a) How did you feel when you collected your results?

I was surprised as I did not expect myself to do this well. 

(b) Are there any key people whom you owe your success to?

My mother was a constant pillar of support during my Secondary 4 year in 2017. She believed in my abilities and motivated me. She even fetched me to and from school to help me to save travelling time. I am therefore grateful to her.

Secondly, having a buddy to study with just before the GCE O-Level examination period was very helpful for me as my buddy was able to point out my blind spots. We helped each other in our studies which then allowed me to revise my work more thoroughly. This certainly strengthened my knowledge and understanding of many topics in the various subjects. Knowing that there were others around me who also faced the demands of the national examinations really helped me to continue persevering and working hard with them. Indeed, we leveraged on each other’s strengths in the different topics and subjects, and emerged stronger together.

I definitely also owe my success to my various subject and CCA teachers like Mr Guo, Mr Liu, Mdm Haliza, Mr Joel Loke, Mr Joel Tan, Ms Wong Bei Shi, Mr Tan Chang Ci, Mr Malvin Chan and Ms Joanna Lim. All these awesome teachers went the extra mile to help me do my best, be it marking my countless written essays or making themselves available to help me in my studies. Thus I would like to thank all these teachers for their advice and selflessness.

(c) How did you manage your time between your commitment towards your studies and holding key appointments in your CCAs?

I used the student diary to write down all my homework for the day or week, as well as any Girls’ Brigade activities I had in the week. I would prioritise and complete my homework that was due the next day immediately after school. I would also plan and prepare for my Girls’ Brigade duties during the weekend before the start of each week so that I can allocate sufficient time to complete my homework and do my revision during the week itself. All these helped me to experience personal growth in my journey as a student in Fairfield.

(d) Do you have any advice for the 2018 batch of Secondary 4 and 5 students?

Set realistic goals for yourself and put in the necessary time and hard work to work towards achieving these targets. This process will help you to grow in personhood and emerge stronger! 

Do the work that your teachers give you. Revise all the topics that you are weak in very thoroughly. Complete your ten-year-series and all practices that your teachers give you, as these exercises are very useful in helping you focus on the right areas in each subject which you need to be competent in to excel in the GCE O-Level examinations. Don't be afraid to approach your teachers to clarify your doubts.

Find your study pattern. Work hard together with your good friends or your classmates if you are unable to study alone. This will motivate you to do well with your friends.

During the GCE O-Level examination period, stress is inevitable and you may find yourself overwhelmed with a lot of work. But don't worry! Just do your best and enjoy the learning process. All the best!