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Jubilee Wong -- A Responsible and Dedicated Leader

Jubilee is a hardworking and responsible student who does her best in the tasks entrusted to her. As the Head of the Fairfield Symphonic Band, she led her band members to achieve the Certificate of Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. As the Head of the Service Department of the Student Council, she demonstrated great leadership skills and displayed dedication in performing her duties well.

How did you feel when you collected your results?
I was delightfully surprised as my score had completely exceeded my expectations. I was relieved that my hard work in the weeks leading up to the GCE O-Level examinations paid off.

Are there any key people whom you owe your success to?
I am very grateful to all my subject teachers, as they continued encouraging me to do my best and made lessons more exciting by telling us interesting stories or getting us to engage in a variety of hands-on activities. They were always willing to set aside time for consultation whenever I needed it. This certainly made my Secondary 4 year less stressful. 

I am also very thankful to my Student Council and Band teachers who helped me to grow as a person. My CCA and Council teachers cheered me on and taught me how to manage my time well. Under their guidance, I learnt to prioritise my duties and become more patient when helping my peers and juniors. Being involved in serving the community also went a long way in helping me manage my time and grow in personhood as I demonstrated greater empathy towards others.  All these values that my teachers instilled in me helped me to work harder for the GCE O-Level examinations.

My friends have also been an important pillar of support in my learning journey in Fairfield. They were always there to help me whenever I encountered a problem or was disappointed with my grades. Their encouragement gave me confidence and helped me to move on with life and progress even further in my studies. The study sessions we had as a community of learners allowed me to clarify my doubts, which enabled us to become stronger together in our studies. By working with and helping each other, I improved my understanding of the different subjects, which allowed me to do well in the GCE O-Level examinations. Indeed, working together and encouraging each other not only enhanced our academic knowledge and understanding, but strengthened our ties.  

How did you manage your time between your commitment towards your studies and holding key appointments in your CCA?
I prioritised the different tasks I had at various points during my Secondary 4 year. I made sure I focused more on the assignments that were due earlier. This helped me to meet all the deadlines without having to scramble to complete so many tasks at the very last minute. 

Holding two leadership positions in Band and Student Council meant I had to stay back for many meetings. I also had to stay back till quite late on some days when we had band practices to lock up the band room. Thus, when I had completed what I had to do in school, I wasted no time and left for home immediately. Since I live nearby, I was able to reach home early enough to complete my homework and relax at night before going to sleep. I did not arrange to meet my friends on days when I already had band practices or meetings in school, so that I could allocate sufficient time to study and get enough sleep each day.

Do you have any advice for the 2018 batch of Secondary 4 and 5 students?
Always look ahead and plan your time wisely. Set aside more than enough time to study and understand (not memorise!) the necessary content. If you fully understand everything about the subject, then keep practising the different types of questions in your Ten Year Series books. Focus more on the subjects you are weaker in, but do not completely neglect those you are strong in. Paying enough attention to each subject is fundamental in your revision for the GCE O-Level examinations. Don’t procrastinate for too long.

Pay attention during all lessons because that is when your teacher gives you all the facts and content you need to understand to do well in your examinations! Remember to have enough sleep the night before to prevent dozing off in class. In this way, you will not only understand more things, but avoid wasting your teacher’s time on consultation on things you should already know.

Get as much help as you need. Take up consultation opportunities your teachers present to you to clarify as many doubts as possible! If your teachers are not available, you can ask for help from your friends or family. Join and engage in study sessions with friends who know when to study and when to play. By correcting each other’s mistakes, you enhance your own learning and understanding of the relevant subjects.

I believe that what matters most is not so much about the grade you attain, but about the effort you put in. This will enable you to receive your results with no regrets.