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Eugene Lek, Winner of the Broadcom MASTERS International Award (Junior Scientist Category) at the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2017

An academically proficient student with an aptitude and strong interest in Science, Eugene carried out a science research project titled ‘An ‘Invisible Cloak’ Prototype for the Evasion of Passive Infrared Radiation and Ultrasonic Sensors’ and submitted it under the Junior Scientist Category of the 2016/2017 Singapore Science and Engineering Fair. For his excellent work, Eugene was awarded the top prize of the ‘Broadcom MASTERS International Award’ in the Junior Scientist Category.

While preparing for the competition, Eugene exhibited curiosity and tenacity, which were aligned to the Fairsian outcomes of wisdom and personhood. Eugene also went on a fully sponsored trip to Los Angeles, USA to attend the Broadcom MASTERS International Programme and visit the Intel Science and Engineering Fair. 

How did you feel when you were awarded the top prize of the Broadcom MASTERS International Award at the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2017?

I felt overjoyed as I did not expect to win the top prize, since there were many other projects that were theoretically more advanced than my project.

What did you do for your science research project? 

I was wondering how secure the security systems really were. How likely was it for anyone to go undetected in a highly-secured facility? This intrigued me enough to decide to test them out for myself. As such, I set up and calibrated common security sensors, as well as designed and built a suit that would enable one to go undetected among those sensors. 

What was a particularly memorable experience during the conduct of your science research project?

Mr Ngoei was a very demanding mentor who expected me to do my best, so it felt really satisfying when I finally managed to complete my project by successfully putting on my suit and walking around undetected by the common security sensors.

What sparked your interest in Science?

I started developing a passion in Science since primary school without knowing why. But one thing I know for sure is that the constant discovery of new things that happen around us still continues to intrigue me.

Honestly, I hope to become an engineer rather than a scientist in future. I wish to use the new ideas that scientists discover to create and develop solutions for the people around us.

How was your experience at the Broadcom MASTERS International programme and the Intel Science and Engineering Fair at Los Angeles? What did you learn from it?

The experience was great. I got to meet people who were of the same age as me from all over the world who were equally passionate about Science. I not only learnt about the projects that others had done, but found out about the limited resources they had while carrying out their science research projects. For example, most of the other students I met had no teacher mentors to guide them in the planning and execution of their projects. They had to rely on themselves to find the necessary resources to do so. I am just thankful that in our schools in Singapore, we have dedicated teachers who help us to learn about new things and grow in personhood.

Are there any key people from Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) whom you owe your success to? 

Yes indeed. The FMS(S) SPEAR (Science Programme for Education of Aspiring Researchers) teacher mentors most definitely played an important role in my success. Their guidance allowed me to improve my skills and better carry out my project.

The laboratory technicians also often went the extra mile in helping us to prepare the laboratory equipment and in ensuring our safety while we were in the laboratory carrying out our projects.