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Fairfield Celebrates her 129th Birthday

by Nadia Lo (Sec 1A), Ng Qian Yih (Sec 1A), Nicole Tan (Sec 3F) and Joie Lim (Sec 3B)

A wave of thunderous applause could be heard in the Chen Su Lan Hall. Hundreds of students eagerly looked on as a huge rectangular birthday cake was wheeled onto the stage. The beautifully designed cake incorporated the school’s crest and colours of blue and yellow with the number 129 signifying Fairfield’s 129th birthday. The VIPs and school leaders gathered around the cake to blow out the candles.

It was Founder’s Day! This year, Fairfield celebrated her 129th birthday in commemoration of her founding by Ms Sophia Blackmore in 1888. The Founder’s Day morning service kicked off with the Fairfield Choir members performing two songs ‘Speak O Lord’ and ‘The Prayer’. Everyone in attendance was enchanted by their melodious voices. 

Photos taken by the Fairfield Photographic Society  (Media@Fairfield)

After Reverend David Ho blessed the school with the opening prayer, a group of teachers and students led the praise and worship segment where everyone thanked God for His continual blessings bestowed on our school. Our Principal, Ms Audrey Chen then gave an inspiring speech to highlight the school's recent achievements as well as the school’s vision of encouraging growth in our students’ personhood in order to become God’s best version of themselves.

Fairfield also had the honour of inviting Mr Peter Ho, the CEO of HOPE Technik to share his experience in starting his company from scratch. His speech inspired students to develop the entrepreneurial dare required to remain relevant in today’s society. 

Additionally, Fairfield also recognised the outstanding achievements of our current students last year in both academic and non-academic domains with an awards presentation ceremony. Prizes such as ‘Top in Subject’, ‘Top in Level’ and a variety of scholarships were given to the prizewinners, much to the admiration and delight of the audience who gave them a rousing applause. 

The Fairfield Choir members closed the Founder’s Day Morning Service with the school song and hymn. After that, heads were bowed and hands were clasped for a word of prayer to thank God for His providence.

All in all, it was truly a memorable day for everyone who took time to come together to commemorate the school’s 129th birthday. May Fairfield continue to prosper and reach new heights in the years to come! Happy Birthday, Fairfield!