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An Engaging and Exhilarating English Week 2017

by Raelee Toh (Sec 3E)
Learning a language helps us to effectively communicate with and better understand others. In Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary), it is no different. Our English teachers organised a wide array of interesting activities to help our students to deepen their understanding of the English Language and apply it to their daily lives. 

English Week 2017 started off with an intra-class Spelling Bee. Students were given the rare opportunity to showcase their spelling abilities and compete with their classmates to win exclusive prizes. Furthermore, the teachers explained the definition of the words to enable students to broaden their vocabulary. It was an enriching activity that truly engaged the students.  

Fuelled by the desire for Fairsians to become effective listeners, avid readers, budding writers, perceptive thinkers and inspiring orators, the teachers carried out other language-focused activities like Tongue Twisters, Win, Lose or Draw, Taboo and Literary Charades to capture the students’ interest for the English language. The games honed the students’ abilities to think on their feet, inculcated a love for the language and gave diverse perspectives on English beyond the normal curriculum. Furthermore, our beloved English teachers planned a synonym game whereby students were assigned a number of words that they had to think of synonyms for. This enabled students to unleash their inner wordsmiths and develop a deeper love for the language.

Fairfield is proud of the achievements of her talented and creative young budding writers, thus students who participated in the Creative Arts Programme were given the opportunity to make their voices heard by showcasing their portfolios. 

In a nutshell, English Week 2017 was truly memorable and fulfilling. After all, in today’s increasingly globalised world, the importance of learning English cannot be overstated. Thus it is imperative that students cultivate a positive attitude towards the English Language and expand their knowledge beyond the classroom to scale greater heights.