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A Sensational Secondary 2 Outdoor Adventure Camp

by Chloe Chua (Sec 2E) and Zachary Koh (Sec 2A)

This year’s Secondary 2 Fairfield Learning EXperience (FLEX) Week was aimed at broadening students’ horizons by taking their learning out of the classroom. With the theme of creating God’s best version of themselves, the Secondary 2 students embarked on an exhilarating four-day-three-night adventure camp in Sarimbun Scout Camp. 

Under their facilitators’ guidance, the students took part in an array of exciting activities. To equip them with critical survival skills, the facilitators carried out activities such as Pioneering, where students learnt to knot wooden poles so as to build a catapult. The Outdoor Cooking Competition, where students were tasked with whipping up a meal of their choice for their facilitators and teachers, brought out the master-chef in the students.

The Secondary 2 students also went on an exciting kayaking expedition in an unfamiliar environment: the sea. Though they had their kayaks thrown around by the choppy currents, they faced the challenge head on and resiliently paddled their way back to shore. The daredevil zipline and abseiling activities enabled the students to form stronger ties with their classmates and engage with their amiable facilitators who encouraged them throughout the camp.

Allowing oneself to step out of one’s comfort zone is undoubtedly of paramount importance to future success. As such, students engaged in the Intermediate Rope Course and Rock Climbing, which allowed acrophobic students the chance to overcome their inner fears, while encouraged by their supportive classmates. The various obstacles encountered in The Blind Man’s Trail, Sarimbun Challenge and Forest Trek enabled the students to work together to achieve a common goal. 

As the camp drew to a close, the entire Secondary 2 cohort and instructors ended the last night at Sarimbun with a highly memorable campfire celebration. As the campfire was lit, each class captivated the audience with a special performance. The students also had the privilege of enjoying entertainment staged by their own facilitators and teachers.

All in all, this once-in-a-lifetime experience was absolutely meaningful and fun, as everyone not only developed teamwork and perseverance, but fostered stronger bonds with one another. Be it stepping out of their comfort zone to challenge themselves, or even learning to show gratitude for the luxury of their own abode, this outdoor adventure camp certainly offered a platform for students to develop their character, and paved the way for them to eventually grow to become God’s best version of themselves.