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Welcome to Fairfield - Orientation 2017

by Sarah Simon (Sec 4F)

FMS(S) warmly welcomed the new Secondary One students through its annual Secondary One Orientation from 3 to 5 January 2017. The fun-filled and meaningful event was meticulously planned and executed by the Student Leaders under the guidance of teachers. This enriching event encouraged the Secondary One students to interact and bond with their new classmates and schoolmates as well as familiarise themselves with the school they will be in for the next 4 to 5 years. 

The theme for this year’s orientation is ‘Identity’. It encapsulates the idea of helping all Secondary 1 students to forge their own identity that will not only carry them through their years in Fairfield Secondary, but also throughout their entire lives.

The Secondary One students engaged in a variety of invigorating dry and wet games throughout the three days. The games enabled the students to demonstrate positive values, learn to work together as a team, and foster a sense of belonging and unity.

Additionally, anti-bullying and anti-vulgarism campaigns which highlighted the importance of using clean language were conducted by the Student Leaders. The Student Council produced an animation that illustrated how vulgarism is extremely hurtful. Students were also exposed to an interactive funhouse where they were blindfolded to enable them to step into the shoes of the victims of bullying. This gave students the opportunity to understand how it felt like to be a victim of such a heinous act. 

To instil a sense of pride in their new school, a special session was planned where students were taught the school song and school hymn. Furthermore, together with their teachers, students put together a class covenant and created class banners to decorate their classrooms, both of which strengthened the sense of unity among their peers and teachers.

To wrap up the Orientation sessions, a rousing cheer competition was held on the final day. The volume, energy, originality and unity of their cheers were indeed hard to match at the Indoor Sports Hall as the students demonstrated their newfound unity and class spirit in cheering wholeheartedly and earnestly. Students were also given a chance to better understand the various CCAs through the CCA Booth Walkabout as well as the Uniformed Groups, Choir and Band showcases.

The highlight of Orientation 2017 was the Installation Night. Everyone cheered during the prize presentation ceremony where the Best Orientation Group Award, The Best Camper Award and The Best Student Leader Award were given out to the respective deserving winners. The evening culminated in the moment everyone had been waiting for - the Badge Presentation. The Badge Presentation was a symbolic moment where the parents of the students got to pin the badge onto their child’s uniform, symbolising that they were officially Secondary One students in FMS(S). It was certainly a heart-warming moment for everyone when both students and parents wore proud grins on their steamy-eyed faces that night. It also marked the end of Orientation 2017. 

All in all, Orientation 2017 allowed the new Secondary One students to make new friends and forge fond memories that will last them a lifetime. It also taught them the correct values and attitudes before they started their journey in FMS(S). Everyone, including the Student Leaders and teachers, had an unforgettably marvellous time!

Welcome to Fairfield, Secondary One students!