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Ng Han Boon, A Resilient and Responsible Achiever

Han Boon is a teachable and reliable student who works very hard to strive for academic improvement in all his subjects. He displays great resilience to go beyond his comfort zone to test his limits and maximise his potential, as seen from his promotion from the Secondary 1 Normal (Technical) stream to the Secondary 2 Normal (Academic) stream at the end of 2013 and promotion from the Secondary 2 Normal (Academic) stream to the Secondary 3 Express stream at the end of 2014. For all his hard work and resilience, Han Boon was awarded the Edusave Scholarship in 2013, the Edusave Merit Bursary in 2014 as well as the Edusave Character Award in 2014.   

Han Boon’s depth of computer knowledge, dedication and leadership skills enabled him to mentor and influence his juniors effectively. As the Vice-President of Media@Fairfield in 2015, Han Boon and his fellow Media Club mates built and programmed a flamethrower robot which won the Best Mechanical Design at the World Robots Tournament 2014. In 2015, he also helped to build a quadcopter drone for the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition. 

As the Community Student Leader of his class from 2013 to 2016, Han Boon contributed greatly to the community by discharging his duties responsibly. He engaged elderly citizens on a regular basis to spend time with them, packed hampers to bless the less privileged and organised block parties in collaboration with the Dover Community Club for the Dover residents. 

Han Boon’s passion for Information Technology kept him busy during his leisure time. He co-developed a website for a photography company, programmed and self-published a smartphone application which was available for download on Google Play Store. After his GCE O-Level examinations, Han Boon continued with his web-design business and is exploring possibilities to launch another small business. 

He is currently studying Information Technology at Singapore Polytechnic.

How did you feel when you collected your results?

I felt nervous. As I worked really hard in the last four years, failure was not an option for me.
Are there any key people whom you owe your success to?

I would firstly like to thank my family members for supporting me tremendously.
Next, I would like to thank my FMS(S) teachers for always selflessly helping and supporting me. One of my fondest memories was that of a particular English Language teacher who expected us to bring and use 11 highlighters of different colours to better organise the information in our notes and to make revision for the GCE O-Level examinations easier for us. Initially, the whole class did not realise the effectiveness of this method. However, I made tremendous improvement in the course of my Secondary 4 year, from scoring a C6 to achieving a B3 at the GCE O-Level English Language examination.
Every teacher in Fairfield helped me to improve my results. I had really dedicated teachers who sacrificed their lunch to have consultation with me for three hours. I also had committed teachers who sacrificed their personal and family time to help me even though they did not teach me.
I would also like to thank my school leaders, especially Mr Alan Lim who personally helped me.
Lastly, I would like to thank my friends and classmates who morally supported me. We would laugh together, work together and lend each other a helping hand in difficult times during my arduous journey.

Without these people, I would not have made it this far.
How did you manage your time to make such significant academic improvement in FMS(S) while juggling with other commitments like your CCA?
Time management was not my forte. I used to be very playful and not care about my studies until one day I reaped what I sowed and got into trouble. My parents and school leaders really got me to work harder to create a better future for myself. Since I always wanted to pursue a career in Information Technology and engineering, I knew I had to start working harder and display greater focus in my studies. I convinced myself that this stressful period would not last forever as I would rather sacrifice ten months of freedom to study in my dream course the following year.
Do you have any advice for the 2017 batch of Secondary 4/5 students?
Only you have full control of your future. Experiencing a failure only teaches you to be stronger and to desire for greater success. There isn’t a dead end unless you tell yourself that there is. Even if you did not do well, there will always be another opportunity awaiting you. Only you can prevent yourself from achieving success in life. All the best!