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The Science Department in Fairfield aims to nurture active, lifelong learners through a differentiated and learner-centric curriculum that develops in-depth understanding of major Science concepts and theories, as well as high-level proficiency through opportunities for advanced study.
We achieve this vision by inspiring Fairsians to be curious and develop an inquiring mind through authentic and engaged learning. We nurture in students logical reasoning and analytical skills to make sense of the world around them.

Science Department’s Teaching and Learning Approach:
The department’s approach to the teaching and learning of Science (Fig. 1) is guided by MOE’s Science Curriculum Framework

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Fig. 1 FMS(S) Science Department’s Approach to Teaching and Learning

The department adopts different approaches to nurture a vibrant community of lifelong learners. We work on the different themes and disciplines in Science while integrating values and 21 st century competencies to address the holistic development of students. We also customise, plan or select lessons, programmes and competitions that are experiential and progressive, leveraging on our partners to provide enriched learning for our students and teachers.

Department Programmes/Enrichment 
The learning of Science is crafted in a progressive fashion where learning activities are learner-centric, inquiry-based and authentic:
1. Secondary One Interdisciplinary UbD River Studies Project 
An interdisciplinary collaboration between Humanities and Science, this project revolves around the big ideas of “Environment” and “Relationship”. It achieves learning objectives in both disciplines, such as the uses of rivers, effects of human activities on the environment, the need for conservation of our environment and the use of scientific instruments (dataloggers and sensors). Through this project, students learn to think critically, make sound decisions through logical reasoning, and communicate their findings through the use of ICT. 

2. Secondary One Normal (Technical) Snow City Programme 
Students are provided an enriching hands-on experience through an ice-cream making workshop using liquid nitrogen in Snow City. Scientific concepts such as the freezing point of substances are learned in an interactive and interesting way which engages the Normal (Technical) students. 

3. Secondary One and Two Life Sciences Programme & Enrichment 
The Life Sciences Programme allows students at Secondary One to learn basic content like DNA and microorganisms, as well as use life science gadgets. This is further applied in the Secondary Two programme where they learn about applied Life Sciences topics like bio-terrorism, hair science and forensic science. 

4. Secondary Three Physics/Chemistry enrichment 
Students experience in depth how the Physics or Chemistry topics they have learnt in the classroom are applied in a hands-on and authentic context. They apply their knowledge of Newton’s laws in the PETRocket enrichment or investigate the authentic applications of rate of reaction in Chemistry. 

5. Secondary Three Trips for International Experience 
The Science Department anchors one of the overseas trips during the school’s Week of Holistic Enriched & Experiential Learning (W.H.E.E.L). While learning about the culture of the local community and performing community service, students also experience authentic learning contexts and learn across different disciplines in Science. In 2013, a team of students went to Chiangmai, where they embarked on hands-on learning about caving, hydraulic ram pumps and bio-sand filters, and taught Science lessons to local students in a village school. 

6. Science National Competitions
At Secondary Three, Science enthusiasts are identified to join the Science enhanced research and development project where they work on environment-related projects. These projects are submitted for the Green Wave Environmental Care Competition. One team achieved a Commendation medal in 2012. Upper secondary students talented in the various Science subjects also participate in the Chemistry and Physics Junior Olympiads. Two of our students achieved Honourable Mention in 2013. Our students have also participated and achieved awards in the C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz, Biotech Fair, and Eureka! competitions.

7. Secondary Five Chem@Work Enrichment Programme 
This hands-on programme provides Secondary Five students a glimpse of how Chemistry is applied in the world and broadens their understanding of what they learn in school. During the workshops on polymer science and perfumery, students get to create a paper weight and a small bottle of perfume from scratch.



Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2018 -- 2 Bronze & 3 Junior Scientist Awards 
Singapore Young Physicists' Tournament 2018 -- Commendation Award

Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2017 -- Junior Scientist Award (Broadcom MASTERS)

EMA Powering Lives Challenge 2016 -- 3rd & Consolation Prize
Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2016 -- Commendation (Junior Scientist Category)
ASEAN Student Science Project Competition 2016 -- Team 3rd (Junior Category) 
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Name & Appointment Name & Appointment
mr ang yuan peng.jpg
Mr Ang Yuan Peng
HOD Science
Mr Liew Hoe Meng Keith 
Mr Lim Yuen Tuck
School Staff Developer
Mr Tan Chang Ci
SH Chemistry 

Miss Clarissa Koh.jpg Ms Koh Wei Shan Clarissa
Assistant Year Head (Sec 4)
Hwee-Ling-2017.jpg Mrs Lim Hwee Ling  
Sec 4B  Form Teacher 

Mrs Rosalind
Ho-Leong Yuet Lim
Senior Teacher
Sec 3H Form Teacher

Mrs Jean Ho -
Tan Siew Ching
Sec 4F Form Teacher
Ms Thio Lay Hong
Sec 3A Form Teacher
  Ms Lim Chee Chin
Sec 4C Form Teacher
ms aminah beevi do rahim.jpg
Ms Aminah Beevi D/O Rahim 
Sec 1G Form Teacher 

Mr Tan Puok Yuee
Sec 3F Form Teacher
mr kho eng kiong patrick.jpg Mr Kho Eng Kiong Patrick
AED (Science / Aesthetics)
Sec 2A Form Teacher
Miss Trixie Chan.jpg Ms Chan Thing Lee Trixie
Sec 1D Form Teacher
Ms Karen Chin Lee Yong
Sec 3F Form Teacher
ms wong bei shi.jpg
Mdm Wong Bei Shi
Sec 4A Form Teacher
Mr Leonard.jpg Mr Ngoei Jin Thai Leonard
Sec  2H Form Teacher
ms ng ling yee domina.jpg Ms Ng Ling Yee Domina  
Sec 3B  Form Teacher 
ms lim chee shan.jpg Ms Lim Chee Shan  
Sec 3D Form Teacher 
 ms wee lay kit jasmine.jpgMs Wee Lay Kit Jasmine  
Sec 3E Form Teacher 
mdm chin siew moy.jpgMrs Chin Siew Moy 
Technical Support Officer