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Information & Communication Technology


To create a vibrant community of ICT practitioners who are active learners and leaders of sterling character and current competencies.

Department Programmes

(a) Create & Construct using Information Technology Programme (CCITP)
The school seeks to empower pupils to create and construct their learning in an environment that promotes creativity and innovation with seamless integration of IT. FMS(S) leverages on IT to cater to the varying needs of the wide range of abilities of pupils as well as to support the school vision and mission.

Secondary 1 and 2 students undergo a weekly hour-long IT lesson. During these lessons, they are taught to use a variety of software such as Adobe Moviemaker, Google suite of tools and Microsoft office tools. Students are also given an opportunity to explore coding with the use of Scratch and Microbit. These lessons enrich their understanding and use of IT.

(b) Use of ICT in Teaching and Learning
Besides the traditional way of learning by means of pen and paper, FMS(S) also includes the use of online resources as a form of teaching and learning. Our teachers enhance students’ learning by using different online tools, such as blogs, discussion forums and the Student Learning Space (SLS).

Learning online not only develops the students’ ability to collaborate on a different platform but also allows the teachers and students to refresh on the procedures involved in the event there is an emergency school closure due to crisis such as the avian flu, SARS etc.

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Name & Appointment Name & Appointment
mr liew hoe meng keith.jpg Mr Liew Hoe Meng Keith
mr lee yew ming.jpg Mr Lee Yew Ming 
ICT Manager
mdm sangeetha 2020.jpg
Mdm Sangeetha 
ICT Executive 
mr mohamad faizal.jpg
Mr Mohamad Faizal Bin Mohamed Kamis 
AV Executive   


Mr Hafiz 
Technical Assistant 1   

 VJ.jpg Mr Vishorkkumar 
Technical Assistant 2