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An Outstanding Humanities Education in Fairfield

“The Humanities Department in Fairfield strives to help our students gain a critical understanding and appreciation of both the human and physical worlds.
Being future-oriented, the department adopts current learner-centred pedagogies that equip our students with 21st Century competencies and teachers actively impart core values to all learners.
Through our passion for the Humanities, we strive to inspire our students to recognise their roles as ‘global’ citizens who contribute to society and the environment.” 

The Humanities Department offers three subjects –Geography, History and Social Studies to help our pupils critically understand and appreciate both the human and physical worlds around them.
Joy of Learning and Culture of Thinking
 Through the innovative use of Information Technology, “learning through play” hands-on activities and thinking strategies, the Humanities teachers engage the students in the subject to develop their depth in disciplinary knowledge and capabilities to analyse world issues with disciplinary conceptual lenses. This is where students’ learning takes on real-world meaning and relevance and find joy in learning.

Experiential Learning
A key feature of the Humanities education in Fairfield is the emphasis on outdoor and experiential learning, both locally and across regions. Students take up the role of young investigators and engage their senses to explore various topics in History and Geography. These experiences help students gain insights to a range of landscapes and cultures in different communities. 
Investigative and Inquiry Learning
Students will experience investigative and inquiry learning in the humanities subject throughout their secondary school education. They will have the opportunity to conduct geographical investigation, historical investigation and issue investigation for Geography, History and Social Studies subjects.
Geographical Investigation (or GI for short) is a form of geographical inquiry where students are required to investigate a geographical issue and demonstrate their learning by completing an end product. Students follow a guided framework when doing the geographical investigation. They analyse the assigned GI question; gather data online from publications and from the field; analyse data to construct geographical interpretations; consolidate and reflect as a group and as an individual of their findings to form a conclusion. 
Historical Investigation (or HI for short) is designed to provide further opportunities for students to apply and deepen their learning on specific historical concepts and skills. Students are tasked to inquire an authentic historical issue and demonstrate their learning by forming a group’s response to the HI question as well as completing an end-product.

Social Studies Issue Investigation (or II for short) is a performance task designed to provide a platform for students to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and values needed for active citizenship. As students conduct investigations on societal issues of meaning to them, they extend their inquiry skills by working as a group to identify a societal issue that is a cause of concern, gather data that reflects multiple perspectives, analyse the data gathered to surface trends and patterns that help address the issue, arrive at well-reasoned and substantiated conclusions, consider possible recommendations to the societal issue, and reflect on their understanding of the societal issue and examine personal assumptions and beliefs about the issue.


NUS Geography Challenge 2019

MOE History Challenge 2019

Singapore History Day 2019 Individual Paper (Junior Category)

2018 NUS Geography Challenge 2018 
Ho Song Yee (Sec 4A) -- Gold 
Ang Zi Le, Telfer -- Silver 
Kong Song Wah, Hannah -- Bronze
Kang Ruo Xuan -- Bronze 

2017 FPSP 2017 (Scenario Writing Competition)
Sarah Long (Sec 3B) -- 3rd 
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Name & Appointment Name & Appointment
mrs choe wai leng evelyn.jpg
Mrs Choe Wai Leng
HOD Humanities
wee_guoyuan.jpg Mr Wee Guoyuan 
SH Social Studies 
mr ezal bin sani.jpg Mr Ezal Bin Sani 
Senior Teacher 
Sec 4A Form Teacher 

mr liew koon ern william isaac.jpg
Mr Liew Koon Ern William Isaac  
Sec 4B  Form Teacher 
Mrs Jasmin Oh-Ong Lei Wan 
  Mdm Yee Suet Fong Dawn 
Sec 1B Form Teacher
Ms Joanna.jpg Ms Lim Mei Yee Joanna
Sec 2A Form Teacher
  mr jon poh jing ping.jpg  Mr Jon Poh Jing Ping
Sec 3C Form Teacher
mr chew kwai hoong.jpg Mr Chew Kwai Hoong Gary
Sec 3G1 Form Teacher
mr loke liang en joel.jpg Mr Loke Liang En Joel 
Sec 3B Form Teacher
mr tan han rong joel.jpg Mr Tan Han Rong Joel
Sec 3E Form Teacher 
ms wong jiayi.jpg
Ms Wong Jiayi
Sec 4C Form Teacher 
mr nicholas tan.jpgMr Nicholas Tan Jia Jun
Sec 1E Form Teacher
 mr chee chong kit nicholas.jpgMr Chee Chong Kit Nicholas 
Sec 1A Form Teacher